Kate Middleton's Royal First

Kate Middelton's first speech and a flashback to Diana's first three decades ago
1:40 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Royal First
-- -- -- Tomorrow she delivers her first big speech bringing back memories of the first time we heard from another princess ABC's llama Hasan is in London tonight. It's been an eventful weekend for the -- it. Tossing out John Moxley the Irish guards on Saint Patrick's Day one guard -- -- cost out. But tomorrow the nerves will be even greater. We will get to hear her first ever public address at a hospice for kids have been -- I didn't and missing and -- single wet and sang and we'll be fine that can pull. Was certainly nerve wracking for Diana when she was in the spotlight speaking for the first time in 1981. And she'd have to do it -- welts. All my best so proud. Me. Buffoon. Until via the speech a simple thank you to her -- subjects which was met with the standing ovation. And a more relaxed Diana but official actresses can be daunting as it was stuttering George the sixth and making schemes I have. Okay. The. So we'll keep plow New Orleans. I'm short look at my wound because like have a thing she -- she has -- has found to be moved -- -- -- We're capable -- Major milestone another knots -- -- belt. The exact subject of the -- hasn't been made public but one -- reporter told us. It's going to be brief and -- any resident David Rihanna found that Dotson has been practicing and bonds have found any friend. Hands and --

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{"id":15950475,"title":"Kate Middleton's Royal First","duration":"1:40","description":"Kate Middelton's first speech and a flashback to Diana's first three decades ago","url":"/WNT/video/middelton-kate-princesss-royal-wedding-speech-queen-15950475","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}