Snowstorm Kills At Least 15

Residents brace for high winds, freezing temperatures as second winter storm approaches western NY.
3:18 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Snowstorm Kills At Least 15
Just as millions of american families are in the path of yet another major storm this evening. It comes on the heels of that powerful system that already slammed the nation's heartland. And then the northeast, with record snowfalls. And now, at least 15 deaths. And tonight, this new storm will dump even more snow on areas already buried under a foot or more. With the potential to grow into a powerful nor'easter with blizzard conditions in parts of new england. Already snowfall records have been shattered in many cities tonight. Among them, indianapolis, little rock, who got the most christmas snow since 1926. And that's where we begin here tonight, with abc's john schriffen leading us off. Reporter: Whiteout conditions in ohio. Power lines snapped like twigs in arkansas. And this pickup truck in southern illinois, struggling just to clear a path. The winter blast, now accounting for 15 deaths. Most of them on the nation's roads, where black ice led to accident after accident. I lost count of the number of cars I've seen in the ditch. I saw a jackknifed tractor trailer a horse trailer turned over. Reporter: Today, the northeast was digging out. This man spent hours trying to rescue his car here in syracuse. What is it like deeming with this much snow? A lot of agony. A lot of back breaking. Reporter: Mother nature is wreaking havoc in the skies. Today alone, close to 700 flights were canceled. In the past 48 hours? Nearly 3,000. On new york's long island, this southwest airlines plane skidded off the run way, getting stuck in the mud. 129 passengers evacuated safely. Tower southwest 4695. We just made your day very exciting, at least ours is going to be. We just tack sied off into the grass. Reporter: Right outside the snow zone, be you still in nature's path, seabright, new jersey. Today, the streets flooded again. And back here in syracuse, crews have cleared many of the main roads, moving these mountains of snow, but tonight, the fear, as the temperature drops, the slush turns to ice, making travel even more difficult. Authorities say if you don't have to be out here, stay home. David? John schriffen leading us off tonight in syracuse, new york. I want to bring in the chief meteorologist harvey leonard. You were telling us, another big part of the story, the snow and the rain and the winds there in new england. Great to be working with you, david. I got to tell you, the winds gusted to hurricane force along the coast of massachusetts, in ad, rainfall, two and three inches localized flooding. And the wind caused problems at high tide. Fortunately, the tides were low. If they were high, it would have been a lot of coastal flooding and damage. And harvey, as this system moves off, we've got another one right on our doob step. Yeah, that one is going to develop in the gulf, pick up a little bit of moisture, start to move northeast. Saturday is the day that all the major cities in the northeast from washington to boston will be affected. Most likely a couple of inches of snow. Because I don't think the storm will really explode until it is well off the coast. But if it intensifies more quickly, those amounts could be higher. We have to watch that very carefully.

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{"id":18078419,"title":"Snowstorm Kills At Least 15","duration":"3:18","description":"Residents brace for high winds, freezing temperatures as second winter storm approaches western NY.","url":"/WNT/video/midwest-snowstorm-kills-15-brings-high-winds-bitter-18078419","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}