Mila Kunis Attends Marine Ball

The actress accepts an invitation from Sgt. Scott Moore.
1:17 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mila Kunis Attends Marine Ball
Dancing With The Stars you didn't see this week and the marine who bravely asked the movie star to the ball months ago -- asked that question and she showed up this weekend. -- It's -- it was the 92 video shot across the Internet Sargent Scott Moore the Marines asking the movie starts the ball. -- take -- second think about it. Mean -- first learned of the indictment reporter after about it as she -- loans that are costar Justin Timberlake. And it does need to go down to -- for your country. Now five months later this weekend pulling into that ball that SUV -- sort of chariot carrying his Hollywood date the ball. Mila Kunis keeping her promise coming to Greeneville North Carolina to attend the Marine Corps ball. -- Sargent -- state. -- -- wasn't the only one who kept her promise because after the sergeant invited her. Another video corporal Kelsey Desantis who saw Justin Timberlake pushing -- -- delivering it in -- of her own. Just you gonna call on my ground here while I'm gonna call you out and act on -- Karbala. Timberlake went to the ball to last week as corporal descendants of state. Last night it was me let's turn to make sergeant war smile.

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{"id":14994710,"title":"Mila Kunis Attends Marine Ball","duration":"1:17","description":"The actress accepts an invitation from Sgt. Scott Moore. ","url":"/WNT/video/mila-kunis-attends-marine-ball-sgt-scott-moore-date-with-actress-entertainment-14994710","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}