Militants Zeroing in on Iraq's Biggest Oil Fields

President Obama remains firm on not sending US boots on the ground.
2:00 | 06/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Militants Zeroing in on Iraq's Biggest Oil Fields
Now to the other breaking headline this Wednesday night those militants in Iraq have now made it to the oil fields this is what so many had feared. ABC's -- global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz in Baghdad with what these militants could do with their new -- power. -- critical lifeline Iraq's biggest oil refinery now partially ablaze. If the militants take it they'll have the ability to control the sale of gasoline and cut power across parts of Iraq. And tonight they have the upper hand. A US official telling ABC news it is only a matter of time before the refinery is overtaken. Iraq today with a deadly battleground. Seen up close by a team with our partners from the BBC. Pinned down. All got out alive this time but with city after city falling -- -- the militant. The momentum. Late today President Obama meeting with congressional leaders on next steps. But all indications are that he -- not -- large scale airstrikes. The administration not wanting to bolster the Iraqi Government which has failed to -- -- people. We have done everything we could to help them. But it's up to the Iraqis. Also air strikes are risky. As illustrated in this video the militant fighters -- from the ground easy to the English from the civilians who encircle them. But far more difficult from the air. It's not as easy is looking at an iPhone video of a convoy and then immediately striking it. The US does have eyes in the skies. Carrier based F eighteens from the Persian gulf are flying over Iraq. As well as other surveillance aircraft. But tonight all eyes remain on that critical oil refinery that's been targeted just showing how strategic those militants can be. The situation in Iraq tonight remains very dangerous.

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{"id":24203839,"title":"Militants Zeroing in on Iraq's Biggest Oil Fields","duration":"2:00","description":"President Obama remains firm on not sending US boots on the ground.","url":"/WNT/video/militants-zeroing-iraqs-biggest-oil-fields-24203839","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}