Military Daughter's Lost Teddy Bear Returned

Girl's lost stuffed animal was a present from father who served in Afghanistan.
2:30 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Military Daughter's Lost Teddy Bear Returned
-- persons of the week they are road maintenance workers from Washington State to spend their days doing tough highway jobs rugged terrain. But this week. -- jumped -- when a six year old girl lost something precious her very special Teddy bear. And then -- ABC's John Donvan tells us. Dude we found the Teddy bear that happy message on Twitter yesterday from -- happy guy standing -- I ninety near -- -- Washington. -- -- It's always hard for these. Once when they lose something like this that means so much them and Harry Nelson. We didn't really think we'd find it that go along we -- we did so we felt really lucky about them who had been out here yes looking for a Teddy bear. Specifically to go back. This Teddy bear and. Owned by a girl -- justice Wadsworth who got it from her dad for years ago when He went to serve in Afghanistan but this week on a drive with justice and her mom her grandparents along -- ninety west from a visit to Idaho. Daddy bear as He had been named fell out of the car during a roadside rest stop. Tears everywhere back home because daddy bear means so much especially with real -- away again right now in Korea. I honestly didn't think than anybody would find him I mean. Both like to -- helping young plants like the road so grandma put out word on FaceBook. And then Washington State's Department of Transportation sent out a tweet to all its employees. Anyone see it. And leave it to Harry and Terry. Perry and I both pretty much the same time doing pretty good shape. We kind of -- looked up and -- something quite right Daryn as we got closer we realize that it wasn't there. And then they made the nearly four hour drive to deliver daddy -- back home in his. -- -- -- -- -- -- And. And who were the ones who really got choked up -- -- wrong. Harry. And Terry you're very welcome. We have kids. As well. It was -- -- that you bet. Well they're all in a day's work well that its national security -- And so we choose Terry Nelson and Terry -- Chris for reuniting justice was worth and daddy bear so she can sleep a little more peacefully. Until her actual daddy comes home.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Girl's lost stuffed animal was a present from father who served in Afghanistan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14742070","title":"Military Daughter's Lost Teddy Bear Returned","url":"/WNT/video/military-daughters-lost-teddy-bear-returned-14742070"}