Over a Million Syrian Refugees Living in Camps in Lebanon

Migrant refugees work for small wages as they prepare to take their families on a long and dangerous journey, hoping for freedom.
2:46 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for Over a Million Syrian Refugees Living in Camps in Lebanon
When you see the danger hundreds of thousands of face you might wonder how can parents risk it all with their children will they told me that Syria is simply far worse far more dangerous. Our chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran has been on this story for weeks he's all the Syrian border tonight with the newest wave of refugees set to make their way Terry. David their more than a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon and today we came to the camps were so many of them live. And we saw why so many of them are now leaving. We drive an hour outside Beirut down back roads and out of midfield and beans we find the camps. Yeah we're so many children this is only home they have ever know. People here built their homes out of whatever they comprised. Wooden boxes and crates and seek tarps over them provided by the United Nations a screen here even. Cardboard box it's. We pay a visit to Abu Ali he's lived here for years. What did you think when you but I that you would go back. And that's our look we thought all this crisis would last for five months and we go home says. But here is white picked beans were about seven dollars a day and is not them I would like 101000 deaths from my children says. Abu Ali father of six is now prepared to take his family on that dangerous journey to Europe in a few days. That that I must get out of here he says anyway even the C. Even if it means death. By one estimate 3000 Syrians are leaving Lebanon every day almost as if all at once they decided there's no going home again. Only the hope of a better future especially. The children. David Terry Moran would us from the Syrian border tonight Terry thank you would by the weight Germany is taken in more than any other country when it comes to refugees bracing for. 800000. Asylum seekers just this year. Added Washington growing debate over what the US should do tonight the White House now saying we will in fact taken 101000 Syrian refugees. In the next year so let's get right tortured global affairs course but it Martha Raddatz joins me from Washington tonight because Martha until now. Just 15100 Syrian refugees in the US after four years of war. That's right David one of the reasons is the extensive vetting process which can take up to two years. But there is concern today from members of congress that I sis will take advantage of this refugee crisis. And send operatives into America via what one member has called did you Heidi pipeline. The White House insisted today that the most robust security process will be used for this next group of refugees. But hard to see how they can get 101000. Batted in the next year David Martha Raddatz witness from Washington tonight Martha thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Migrant refugees work for small wages as they prepare to take their families on a long and dangerous journey, hoping for freedom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33672829","title":"Over a Million Syrian Refugees Living in Camps in Lebanon","url":"/WNT/video/million-syrian-refugees-living-camps-lebanon-33672829"}