Billionaire Woman Saves Town

Last paper mill closed in Gorham, N.H., in 2010.
2:19 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Billionaire Woman Saves Town
Unlikely night on a white horse for the residents of Gorham New Hampshire a Paper -- town which saw its last plant closed in 2010. And -- a billionaire and still let us who said why don't we make something nobody's gonna bother to outsource to China. We've seen this before. The empty storefronts the empty houses do you remember when the the smokestacks came down yes I do know what a sad day it would. Part of -- -- Dan -- showed up and that's happening. Lynch -- a billionaire turnaround specialist with a flair for Gucci's high heels and black -- As founder and CEO of patriarch partners she sits atop a financial empire of 76 companies slightly less than the number of pairs of shoes in her closet. She's equally at home in her mentions or construction -- Restoring main street America has become her burning -- even the old timers dominant feature Robert feel Lester Wright had -- -- Just that particular. Piece of music and she was dressed to kill. I don't woman in my -- and the word is fifth. -- -- -- -- Seems like an awfully thin reed on which to save a small town. Until recently was alive and well only in the old picture postcards but then something happens suddenly Gorham is showing signs of life and a future again. It started just down the road -- the old Paper -- Three ships running round the clock a 175. Newly rehired workers all thanks to fish. It's cheaper to make here in the US -- overseas why. Shifting his makes -- -- it's like that again this week that's it you can't with a Digital Life that you can't. -- -- -- They are right I mean not yet and Steve Jobs were alive I wouldn't -- -- -- -- -- -- hard to argue with a working class hero. In high heels and once I get up in the morning and that -- that if it could be. We'll -- he gave me a job and I give her my very best -- -- punch my -- ABC news Gorham New Hampshire.

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{"id":15982924,"title":"Billionaire Woman Saves Town","duration":"2:19","description":"Last paper mill closed in Gorham, N.H., in 2010.","url":"/WNT/video/millionaire-woman-saves-town-15982924","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}