Millions Prepare for More Winter Weather

ABC News' Ginger Zee discusses the unending winter and climate change.
1:59 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Millions Prepare for More Winter Weather
And, ao tonight, across 18 states, more than 88 million americans are hauling out the salt and the snowplows oneore time, evugh spring officially starts on wednesday. There are so many storm watches and blizzard watches out tonight. And so many of you sending out pictures like this, saying, really? More snow? Really? So, we asked abc's meteorologist ginger zee to tell us if this unending winter means climate change is happening faster and faster. Reporter: Tonight, a blizzard is hammering the northern plains. Highways closed in minnesota. High winds and whiteout conditions in north dakota. Winter storm watches and warnings from virginia to maine. And there's a severe weather risk tonight. Tornado watches and warnings already popping up. As the plows come out, millimeters of people put the boots back on for what may seem like the umpteenth time. Spring officially arrives wednesday and it seems people are more ready than ever. It's certainly a lot different than it used to be when I was a kid. March should not be this cold. Reporter: But is it unusual? We looked at the data. For the lower 48, most meteorological winters in the last ten years have been above average. This winter was almost two degrees above average, so not colder, but warmer. And when it comes to tornadoes, last year there were just over 900 confirmed, less than every year since 2003. But the one factor that is definitely more extreme in recent history, drought. At its peak, almost 62% of our country was in drought, REMINISCENT OF THE 1930s AND THE Dust bowl. Tonight, it's this nasty wintry mix that is blustery and everybody asking me, so, is it going to go away any time soon? I have some bad news and people are probably going to be throwing snowballs here at me in central park. Look at this graphic. It spohows where the cold air will stay, this is the next two weeks. Plenty of canadian cool settling in. Diane? A nation awaiting spring. Thank you, ginger.

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{"id":18759451,"title":"Millions Prepare for More Winter Weather","duration":"1:59","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee discusses the unending winter and climate change.","url":"/WNT/video/millions-prepare-winter-weather-18759451","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}