Missile Tensions

U.S. will beef up West Coast interceptors in the face of threats from North Korea.
1:30 | 03/16/13

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Transcript for Missile Tensions
Thank you. Overseas this evening to the intensifying threat from north korea. The new leader kim jong un and his unexpectedly quick advance have the u.S. On heightened alert. Last night we reported on two more short range missiles. The pentagon is the adding to intercepters already in place along the west coast. They are delaying 14 now intercepters in alaska. They are designed to look at a north korean launch. I want to bring in martha raddatz tonight. You reported that this system as a whole has had mixed results. It has, david. The pentagon says they have confidence in the system, but these ground-based intercepters have a spotty record. In december 2010 after a failed test, the testing was suspended. But in january of this year, there was a successful intercept. You and I were talking about the bigger picture, when you hear the usa bolstits defense along the coast, it sounds like something out of the cold war, how serious is this? The u.S. Doesn't think north korea is going to launch a missile and years away from being able to put a warhead on top of one, but north korea is making faster progress than expected. What is really worrying the u.S. Is the road mobile intercontinental missiles that north korea has. Not only could they reach the united states, but because they are mobile, they are very hard to track.

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{"id":18747251,"title":"Missile Tensions","duration":"1:30","description":"U.S. will beef up West Coast interceptors in the face of threats from North Korea.","url":"/WNT/video/missile-tensions-18747251","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}