Mission to Mars

NASA's latest rover, Curiosity, will be traveling to the red planet.
2:00 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Mission to Mars
-- get that feeling you're on Mars will the machine the size of the Mini Cooper will be lost -- about to be -- from Cape Canaveral tomorrow morning armed with high tech 3-D NX ray vision. What we'll be looking for and where. Here's ABC's -- and -- now. Earthlings may soon get a few steps closer to discovering if Mars ever had martians. After a 354. Million mile commute this spacecraft should reach Mars in August. Landing in new rover in -- -- never tried before novel design is this little rocket jet pack it flies the river down. And it -- -- again -- -- on the ground and in that rocket jet flies off in and we're done with it. The rover is named curiosity it's -- scientist's dream machine a mobile chemistry lab the size of a Mini Cooper loaded with X ray sensors 3-D cameras at least. For the next two years the nuclear powered explorer will scanned sample and -- its way across the floor of the gigantic gale crater. Even drive the slopes of a mountain three miles high. The answer that we're seeking with curiosity. Is to figure out if the conditions at any point in -- history could have supported life. Just getting to the red planet has never been easy past -- like spirit and opportunity have been successes. And -- out of forty Mars missions launched from -- 26 have failed Russia's latest probe blasted off earlier this month. It's now stranded in earth orbit. -- does not that's -- press. NASA is hoping curiosity has better -- -- counting on the 2.5 billion dollar mission to also tell them whether Mars is a safe place for humans to eventually visit. I think a -- lot of fun. Well attack in there it's like we might have a chance to do that so that those who come behind -- will not be the beneficiaries of of the work that we're doing now. -- that for now scientist here on earth we'll have to do by remote control. Clayton -- LA BC news.

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{"id":15030454,"title":"Mission to Mars","duration":"2:00","description":"NASA's latest rover, Curiosity, will be traveling to the red planet.","url":"/WNT/video/mission-mars-15030454","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}