Mississippi Votes on Definition of Life

Bill defining life at conception raises questions about birth control.
3:00 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Mississippi Votes on Definition of Life
The nation's eyes are on Mississippi tonight where voters are deciding whether the state should be the first in this nation to define human life. As beginning at the moment of conception. Passage would make all abortions illegal and put questions around some birth control. As well as fertility treatments even a pregnant woman's right to drink or smoke. ABC Stephenson -- is in Jackson Mississippi. -- -- is furious worried that a majority of voters at home and Mississippi could decide tonight that life begins at fertilization. A legal distinction that could put doctors who provide in vitro fertility treatments. On the wrong side of the law my children and not be here if I had not had the access to you to doctor -- idea. The procedure often requires doctors to destroy fertilized picks which could be considered equivalent to murder -- -- says that doesn't make sense to her net that he. Understands how important children are more then. A woman -- has anti arms and who has struggled. To build a family Mississippi would be the first state to pass the law called personhood six other states could vote on similar measures next year. It says that a fertilized egg is a person from the moment of conception and entitled to protection under the law. That would make every abortion illegal. But it's the unintended consequences that have many truly outraged what happens to birth control IUDs would certainly be banned. What if a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer and needs chemotherapy. Her doctor might refuse for fear of harming the baby. And what if a pregnant woman drinks or smokes. Opponents argue she could be charged with attempted murder and so doctor -- bush is an OB GYN who supports the proposed constitutional amendment. Say those concerns will be worked out by legislators we need to restore a culture of life. That respects every human being from the beginning of this development Mississippi's last abortion clinic could close -- far far away from the -- -- Who say if the measure passes families like there's could stop growing. Steve -- on the ABC news Jackson Mississippi.

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{"id":14910539,"title":"Mississippi Votes on Definition of Life","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill defining life at conception raises questions about birth control.","url":"/WNT/video/mississippi-votes-definition-life-14910539","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}