Attorney General's Office Files Suit Against Walgreens

Investigators visited stores and reportedly found false advertising and overcharging.
1:32 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Attorney General's Office Files Suit Against Walgreens
american aggression. We turn to our consumer tch dog and allegations tonight from investigators that the country's largest drugstore chain walgreens is overcharging customers. Abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis has more. Reporter: It's the biggest drugstore chain in america with 8,000 locations, but investigators say at least some of those walgreens stores are overcharging consumers tonight. This level of consumer deception is inexcusable from a corporation as sophisticated as walgreens. Reporter: Investigators found that one in five items in their walgreens baskets rang up higher than advertised. According to the lawsuit, muscle milk advertised for $6.99 rang up $8.99. Lipton tea marked $1.89 actually cost double that. Oreo cookies on sale two for $6 not a deal ter register. A single package rang up $4.18. Make sure you got the deal they promised. Reporter: Walgreens declined to comment on the suit but tells abc news we were disappointed with the attorney general's comments. However we are prepared to address any appropriate concerns. It's not the first time walgreens has faced charges of inaccurate pricing. Earlier this year the retailer settled suits with california and wisconsin without admitting wrongdoing. Rebecca jarvis, abc news new york.

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{"id":20101739,"title":" Attorney General's Office Files Suit Against Walgreens","duration":"1:32","description":"Investigators visited stores and reportedly found false advertising and overcharging.","url":"/WNT/video/missouri-attorney-generals-office-files-suit-walgreens-20101739","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}