Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case

People living in Baltimore urged to remain calm after the jury failed to sentence William Porter, the first of 6 officers implicated in the case.
2:33 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case
And we begin with the breaking developments from Baltimore. Protesters in the streets at this hour after a mistrial was declared in the first trial, the first officer charged after the death of Freddie gray. These are the images coming in right now of those protests after that city learned of a hung jury after deliberating less than 12 hours. The first of six officers to be tried. Police coming face to face with angry members of the community. It was a case that gained national attention with the central question, what happened during that arrest and inside that police van? Freddie gray's family with a message just moments ago in and ABC's senior national correspondent Jim Avila is on the ground in Baltimore tonight. Reporter: The reaction to the hung jury and mistrial of officer William porter was swift. Sheriff's deputies marched in quickly, clearing the streets surrounding the Baltimore courthouse. Prepared for trouble. The mistrial declared just a few moments ago. There's only a handful of demonstrators here. Immediately disperse. Reporter: The sheriff's department has formed a line in front of the courthouse door where officer porter has been leaving the building. Porter was charged with five others in gray's death. Tonight, gray's family urging calm after the jury of seven blacks and five whites telling the judge they could not reach a unanimous verdict on any of the charges. We ask the public to remain calm, patient, because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. Reporter: 26-year-old officer porter did not make gray's arrest or drive the police van where he suffered fatal injuries, but prosecutors charged him with manslaughter, claiming he could have put a seat belt on him or called a medic when Freddie asked for one. Tonight, every cop in the city of Baltimore is on duty. Hoping to avoid a repeat of the kind of unrest that erupted in the days after gray's death. The looting and fires doing an estimated $9 million damage. We are prepared to respond. We will protect our residents. Reporter: Officer porter remains suspended without pay, awaiting a likely new trial, with a new jury. His five fellow officers face charges of second degree murder to official misconduct in gray's death. Their trials still to come. David? Jim Avila from Baltimore tonight. Thank you, Jim. Now, to new developments in

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"People living in Baltimore urged to remain calm after the jury failed to sentence William Porter, the first of 6 officers implicated in the case. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35811447","title":"Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case","url":"/WNT/video/mistrial-declared-freddie-gray-case-35811447"}