Mitt Romney Hopes to Best Newt Gingrich Again

The GOP candidates try to win over the Nevada caucuses.
4:18 | 02/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney Hopes to Best Newt Gingrich Again
Huge night in the presidential race your voice your vote in the first contest in the west -- the -- are being counted in the Nevada caucuses -- Robbie opened for another big win. And here's what we're learning already from the voters tonight about a quarter of them showing up at the caucuses. Are more -- of course bombing and soulful Mormon and he won this group. Nearly entirely four years ago. The biggest issue on voters' minds far away again the economy followed by the federal deficit and far behind their illegal immigration. And the number one attribute voters want in their candidate nearly the identical number. We've seen so far those first four states the ability to defeat President Obama in November. ABC's Jonathan Karl has the latest on the contest voters heading out shortly after daybreak. Republicans in Las Vegas started lining up early this morning to take part. In the Nevada caucuses. Thanks you guys -- out there Mitt Romney may be a little confused about the weather. As you guys thank you for being here tonight outside in the cold is that that called -- in Nevada right. But things are looking good for him in Nevada after his landslide victory in Florida Tuesday. He's hoping to put together back to back wins his first winning streak of the campaign. It's a state that's been good to Romney before he won here overwhelmingly in 2008. Boosted in large part by Mormon voters last time around mormons represented more than one quarter of Republican caucus goers. And 95% of them voted for Romney. But Romney is still dealing with comments he made Wednesday about the very core -- Concerned about the very poor we have a safety net there that needs repair -- fix -- Romney didn't mean that he doesn't care about the -- but his opponents pounced if you're a genuine conservative. First of all you don't say the you don't care about the -- That's -- the Republican Party and it's something conservative -- America. Really -- doesn't believe -- 95%. Or 99%. -- president's concern about a 100% of Americans. After tonight they're only five contests remaining for February. The next big battle doesn't come until Super Tuesday march 6 when ten different states go to the polls it wants. Romney is already looking ahead dashing off to Colorado tonight for a large about a rally -- vote on Tuesday. Before heading back to Las Vegas later tonight forty hopes the -- will be a victory party. Jon Karl in Washington tonight John thanks so much it -- the votes are tallied in -- that I -- turn to -- political analyst Matthew -- here in New York tonight -- great to see you. We were talking about this unemployment figure now down eight point 3% we wanted to put a -- trend lines here these were 21 term presidents Jimmy Carter. HW bush there and you can see where unemployment was just starting to come down -- still fairly high -- reelected and then look at this president Reagan's first term. Up against president Obama's first term the trend lines -- mirroring each other there the White House has to be excited as you pointed out to me still big questions. -- whether this can continue. This is really good news for the president -- -- reelect but there are some big questions remain does this continue as the visited -- momentary blip doesn't stay steady or does it go back again. Because in that presidency is that lost it was too little. Too late and the other factors you gotta keep in mind whether they follow it or not I the president -- -- -- -- -- it rise after this. And -- that wrong track of the country doesn't drop you keep in mind all those factors. This could be the start of some very good news for the president you know we're talking about the -- headline of the week I was there in Vegas for Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney. And it was interesting to hear other governor framed it it was what we were all thinking in the room he just put words -- -- There are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life this is one of them. That being in that Donald Trump's magnificent hotel and have biggest endorsement is the life. Using a little humor there but you pointed out the Romney camp accomplished two things there. Yeah -- Vegas and data traffic goes together -- campus two things first he got a celebrity endorsement which he had not gotten or somebody with a big -- media megaphone. And the second thing he's now taken off the table as a potential third party's endorsement -- -- -- becomes a nominee he doesn't have to worry about him in the. All all right Matthew -- -- -- here in New Yorkers the results from the Nevada caucuses come in and by the way Matt will be part of the -- economic roundtable first thing in the morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. George Will also have Republican presidential candidate -- Paul and the latest from Nevada.

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{"id":15514681,"title":"Mitt Romney Hopes to Best Newt Gingrich Again","duration":"4:18","description":"The GOP candidates try to win over the Nevada caucuses.","url":"/WNT/video/mitt-romney-hopes-best-newt-gingrich-nevada-caucuses-2012-gop-candidates-politics-15514681","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}