Can Mitt Romney Win Michigan?

Former Massachusetts governor looks to regain footing in home state.
2:25 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Can Mitt Romney Win Michigan?
And Mitt Romney and we're going to tell you about both James and gaps in the last 24 hours but starting us off ABC's David -- Who says that my brother is looking more confident that he has David. Diane good evening it is crucial home state of Michigan for Mitt Romney and as you mentioned there was a bit of -- spring in his step today when he took the stage this campaign. Is looking at poll numbers that -- very close are showing momentum where they want to see it. On Mitt Romney side in this eleventh hour when it counts the most. Of the people what could be the most pivotal primary yet beat Bobby tonight is making his closing arguments. But many say this is a case that should have been easier to make. Now with a fierce -- with Rick Santorum here that just months ago no one saw coming. Conservatism. Is alive and well in -- -- an. Minnesota. The misinformed sweep of three states. But tonight by the appearing confident he's regaining his -- This year has been -- these last ten days or so we started off about. What fifteen points down in the polls now we're leading in the polls thanks you guys. Inside -- campaign and he acknowledged was -- very close after a bruising battle here with many political observers arguing some of -- these wounds self inflicted. That economic speech at Detroit's Ford Field. Lost in -- -- of 80000 seats and drives a couple of cadillacs actually -- mentioning his wife's two cadillacs. In the visit to the Daytona 500. When Romney was asked if he follows NASCAR. But I have some great -- One of Romney's senior strategist telling us today this is the picture that the Obama team would love to date of -- that he's out of touch. But they argue it's the president out of touch on the economy with unemployment still about 8%. While here the royal oaks theater outside Detroit people -- one last rally. On this -- for the big Michigan primary this campaign also watching Rick Santorum very closely. And there are some who believe -- Santorum might have shot himself in the foot these last 24 hours. Delving into some tricky territory when it comes to social issues Diane which is why we -- -- or himself switch back to the economy today.

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{"id":15804221,"title":"Can Mitt Romney Win Michigan?","duration":"2:25","description":"Former Massachusetts governor looks to regain footing in home state.","url":"/WNT/video/mitt-romney-win-michigan-15804221","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}