Mitt Romney: Winning Votes, Not Love

The Romney team tries to increase candidate's likeability.
2:43 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney: Winning Votes, Not Love
Some wild swings in politics as we have been seeing a wild ride. For Mitt Romney last night he took six of the ten states up for grabs in Super Tuesday but as one person -- it. He's winning votes but not necessarily love and that's the mission team Romney is tackling tonight it's your voice your vote and ABC's David Muir is on the trail. With Romney David. Diane good evening from boss said -- headquarters today confidence that this nomination is now bears. They -- -- they say it would take an act of god for these other candidates to catch up that might be so. But after Super Tuesday a sobering Wednesday of sorts this race still far from over we ask at what cost. What what a great night there tonight called Romney reality over -- billion more votes or states want that the other guys at the finish line is still far off. Like a groundhog sees his shadow rob he woke up today and saw. We're doing really well Rick Santorum who went three states last night in nearly stole Ohio to. So even if it is -- the end of his long ugly fight. At what price against President Obama we haven't seen in more than a generation. A Republican candidates suffer this much. This badly and finish in such a vulnerable position if that's math really does show it's nearly impossible for the others to catch up. What is it -- holding Robbie back from -- pushing his opponents. In Ohio where -- -- -- victory telling number. Would boulders were asked which candidate best understands the problems of average Americans a full third still Rick Santorum. -- -- -- far fewer. Even some of -- strongest supporters see it. Remember Gary Davis at an Ohio town hall told me he loves -- he's resonate but asked -- about some heart ever show the American people. But you have a lot of heart but he's hardly the first criticism he's out of touch Al Gore senior so stepped it would have been those -- those earth -- John Kerry's team realizing after the -- windsurfing not so relatable so he went hunting. And -- years to build or human Hillary Clinton she cried. But there are who could forget what she took that shot even Barack Obama that only -- -- -- -- -- went down the Alley. All looking to score with average Americans. Rubbed his tribe that is to NASCAR and speaking of friends who -- NASCAR teams. Which is why you can expect board these town -- team Romney believes he does connect or even the tiniest of voices help -- candidate or humid. Now it she -- -- -- men and black. Well around my -- my but to be known as having been a very good father. No earth -- -- plant here know make over it was all about the math Diane they believe the numbers are on their side tonight OK David thank.

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{"id":15872765,"title":"Mitt Romney: Winning Votes, Not Love","duration":"2:43","description":"The Romney team tries to increase candidate's likeability.","url":"/WNT/video/mitt-romney-winning-votes-love-15872765","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}