Mitt Romney's Campaign Reset

The Republican candidate is kicking off a new campaign strategy.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's Campaign Reset
Mitt Romney fighting back against those critics within his own party now criticizing him for the way he's running his campaign and even though the national polls show it's still tight. It's the battleground states -- -- oral map but in the end decides today. So we want to widen out tonight to show -- -- key battlegrounds and and every one of them President Obama is now leading you can actually. See them turning here in dark blue that's where the president leads and so. After a rough week for Romney that secret tape his comments about the 47%. How does he start -- -- tonight what he's saying about his campaign -- -- your voice your vote at ABC's David -- Leads us off tonight. Mitt Romney raised six million dollars in Los Angeles last night. But it's the number of fundraisers vs appearances which is worrying some Republicans who feel. The race slipping away and are demanding big campaign changes. Romney was dismissive when CBS's sixty minutes asked if he can turn around his campaign. Well it doesn't -- -- turnaround. We got a campaign which is tied with the incumbent president of the United States. Tied in national polls but not leading in any states that may decide the race. And after the release of a secretly taped video of Romney saying 47% of Americans are victims who want government handouts. The head of the Republican Party was asked about the apparent disconnect over changing strategy but is -- in denial. Well I don't think so church I think that we had a good week last week we were able to frame up the debate while Romney says he doesn't need to turn around. His campaign is kicking off a new strategy tonight. Advisors promised an intense battleground schedule in Colorado tonight than Ohio and Virginia. It's still not enough to quiet even Republican critics. There core problem was careful -- inability to focus on their own essential meaning. I think -- a non ideological person running an extremely ideological age he's -- it. Comments like those prompted this from and Ronnie just a few days ago to stop it. This is hard you want to try it get in the ring and that provided parity fodder for Saturday Night Live. Running a Republican campaign itself -- If you're a Democrat he get to eat with cool people like George Clooney. If -- Republicans get to shake John -- -- blizzard came. Along with -- battleground state strategy the Romney campaign is making on the next big event that's the debates today in Los Angeles the candidate had what are called. Private meetings. That is often code for debate preparation. David all right David Carly tonight David thanks you bring up the debates there and that's the other all important countdown tonight. Ten days now until that first presidential debate so want to bring in our senior political editor Rick -- tonight and -- it's been four years since President Obama was on that debate stage. Mitt Romney had nineteen debates in the primary a lot riding on this for both sides. That's right I'd -- advantage Romney going into the debates if only because he has so much more to gain not to mention this experience that he has. It is a chance for a big moment standing hotel with incumbent to take the argument on the economy directly to President Obama. But one thing worth remembering David yes Mitt Romney has more recent experience in this but he -- it's almost all of those debates as the favorite this time he'll be the underdog. So much riding particularly on that first debate and Rick -- get a kick out of -- -- gotten through this election already talk of four years from now Bill Clinton was asked this weekend. If Hillary Clinton plans to run if he said. I just don't know side. She's an extraordinarily able person who never met anybody I thought was a better public servant but. I have no earthly idea. What -- decide to do. That would seem to leave the door wide open. You gotta love that smile it is a big question looming over this campaign -- will become the question the day after the election. And I'll tell you the conventional wisdom has shifted among Democrats six months ago a year ago the answer was probably not when it comes -- -- run. Now that's speculation has shifted to probably yes.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Republican candidate is kicking off a new campaign strategy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17304230","title":"Mitt Romney's Campaign Reset","url":"/WNT/video/mitt-romneys-campaign-strategy-17304230"}