Mitt Romney's Olympic Bailout?

GOP candidate claims he saved the Games, but critics say otherwise.
2:42 | 02/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney's Olympic Bailout?
The race for president your voice your vote tonight and there's been so much criticism. From Republican candidates over the -- the giant help for the auto industry for one and tonight though. Questions about whether Mitt Romney's turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympics back in 2002. Was helped in large part from a taxpayer bailout to. Here's ABC's David -- -- -- -- the thrill of victory at the Olympics this stuff is feeling a bit more like agony for Mitt Romney. As he joins the city tonight for a tenth anniversary celebration. But the Salt Lake City newspaper headline highlights Romney's success. In getting federal earmarks taxpayer dollars to help fund the most expensive games in the country's history. And what Romney calls one of his greatest accomplishments my leadership. Help save the Olympics from scandal Romney touts that often but he doesn't talk about what his now supporter John McCain. With saying more than a decade ago that's outrageous. Mr. President and it's a disgrace nearly half the cost of the games 600 million dollars came from the government. Millions at the prodding of Romney. The Atlanta games. Supposedly hosted and funded by Salt Lake City which began in corruption and bribery has now turned into an incredible. Pork barrel project so back then Romney was being called out for what he now charges his opponents are doing in Washington were practically. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich -- a big part. -- believe it spent too much -- much and there are too much. Today Santorum wasted no time pointing out the double standard going to congress and ask it pretends yeah. -- -- But it was the Democrats who pointed out this latest problem for Romney's with a new -- They provided over 400 million dollars to -- Romney has had trouble establishing. Clear terrain on any aspect of his biography it just kind of more of the sign of how -- -- it's been for him to find a usable past in this campaign. Also today Rick Santorum questioned the president's beliefs and values saying his agenda is based on quotes some phony theology. Not a theology based on the Bible David data giving up Rick Santorum we've been reporting a lot here on this surge the next contest up and reading the tea leaves from the White House the Obama reelection team not shifting focus completely to Santorum but a bit. Yet in Chicago the campaign has decided to take some other researchers their opposition researchers and point them toward San -- In case this surge does continued preparing for both candidates David -- tonight in Washington David thank you meantime tomorrow morning on this week with George exclusive interviews -- John McCain. And top Obama reelection strategist Robert Gibbs that's first thing in the morning.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"GOP candidate claims he saved the Games, but critics say otherwise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15745013","title":"Mitt Romney's Olympic Bailout?","url":"/WNT/video/mitt-romneys-olympic-games-bailout-salt-lake-city-utah-2002-gop-candidate-politics-15745013"}