Gadhafi Dead: Final Image

Christiane Amanpour was the last U.S. journalist to interview the dictator.
3:46 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Gadhafi Dead: Final Image
For more than four decades He ruled Libya would flamboyance and fear but tonight after months on the run Moammar Qaddafi is dead. His chaotic last moments were caught on tape and we should warn you this video is gruesome. There is conducting days gravely wounded but still alive. -- through the streets after his convoy was bombed and you would shock. At the height of power -- called himself -- king of kings. Ronald Reagan called him the mad dog of the Middle East ruthless -- his own people reviled here for ordering the bombing of pan am flight one O three over Lockerbie Scotland. It killed 270. Including 189. Americans. But tonight this final image of violent and for a violent man. ABC's Christiane Amanpour was the last American journalist interview Qaddafi and she starts us off tonight and Christiane what a remarkable year another dictator has formally. It really -- and what a remarkable and historic time now for the people of the Arab world as they continue their fight for freedom. -- Gadhafi met his end near the town when He was born and one expert told me that He was like a bump to the Libyan people. They have to see him dead to believe that He was really gone. You don't these final hours began when revolutionary -- his stormed his last stronghold sent. Soon after a convoy of -- vehicles was seen being the town went from the sky NATO attacked. The French and the US a both claiming to have fired on the convoy but could not say it was -- -- At first the BBC's Gabriel Statehouse reporting from sit said that He led the rebels -- found the former dictator hiding in a dream -- They say they discovered in hand just a little 12 o'clock this afternoon they pulled him out of -- home. I'm I'm try to tell me that -- good afternoon -- said to him. What did I can't -- you. Another report they -- says that He was pulled from the damage envoy. And the cell phone video of the moon -- about shows this frenzied mob. Grabbing -- dazed and bloodied Gadhafi pummeling. Officials say Gaddafi was shot in the head and died on his way to the hospital. Off to its people on the ground told reporters. This man fired the fatal shot and He -- -- and ultimate victory trophy. -- golden -- I don't know what we've been waiting for this moment for a long time He said one mother Duffy has been killed. One of Gadhafi sons is also confirmed dead along with his female bodyguards but is -- -- parents -- -- Islam may have survived. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton got the news in Kabul this morning cameras catching -- surprise reaction wow. In his last -- television interviewing February 5 Duffy -- too diluted to the very end. In fact if He told me that He still has the support to his country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if they do not good and bad -- -- -- -- me in my mind even an as the stepping down or leaving Libya. -- that -- Christiane and we've seen these revolution sweep across the Middle East this year dictators weekend or toppled. But as President Obama warned today we don't know yet whether these dictators and replace replaced by Democrat that's exactly right and certainly the United States is -- and has been that there would be factional fighting it. So the real test is whether the interim now can actually making -- unified and unifying government going forward and presents it would be a long and winding -- okay Kristin thanks very much.

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{"id":14783130,"title":"Gadhafi Dead: Final Image","duration":"3:46","description":"Christiane Amanpour was the last U.S. journalist to interview the dictator.","url":"/WNT/video/moammar-gadhafi-dead-final-image-14783130","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}