Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Lockerbie Families React

Libyan dictator will be remembered for his brutal and bizarre reign.
3:00 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Lockerbie Families React
-- fashion himself as a -- -- mystical leader on the world stage He was unpredictable often unhinged. And as ABC's David Muir reports the dictator's rain will be remembered for being both brutal and bizarre. He was the -- army captain which is 27 took control of Libya could accrue beginning what would become ruthless reign -- more than forty years. He reveled in his rule the world stage. Over the years -- outfit which grew even more outlandish the gowns made of silk shoes made of alligator skin. There was the tenth He would conduct its meetings and his famous obsession over just who would be allowed into his inner circle. The Ukrainian nurse who for so long was by his side and whose female bodyguards more than three dozen of them at times some of them right there until the end. It was ABC's Barbara Walters who pointedly asked Gadhafi about his reputation. And not country really that you are unstable. We read that you are mad and He. Didn't think this is does that make an angry. -- -- and of course -- -- irritates me. Nevertheless share IE consider. Do believe that the majority -- the ordinary people and the four corners of the -- Do -- loved me. Over the years America's new -- insatiable appetite for the world's -- and his antics his name would be moderate in here and not artist Rick research department has. -- -- -- -- -- But more than his eccentricities. Duffy was known -- evil the colonel had so many titles. President weak spot where we know that. This. Mad dog of the Middle East has. Goal. Of a world. Revolution there's no question but that He has singled us out more and more. Colonel Gadhafi was implicated in the bombing of a Berlin Disco which killed and injured US soldiers President Reagan ordered an airstrike and get off his compound the -- claiming his fifteen month old daughter was killed. Two years later Gaddafi took down pan am flight one O three over Lockerbie Scotland. Nearly 300 passengers were killed the vast majority American among them so many young college students returning home after studying abroad. Brian Flynn was just a teenager when He lost his brother. Today He remembered a promise when He died I made a promise that I would do something in response I remember my mother. Saying explicitly. The date guys that she set by -- -- -- not -- -- He would join his mother and the other pan am families who for decades would not give up. Lobbying congress and the White House to hold -- accountable for those American lives lost -- and finally feel as though there's been justice. -- have been dreaming about this day for twenty years. -- about it for twenty years and that Bryant told me today that like so many the pan am families they thought this day would never come in George. Seeing that justice was particularly powerful because it came at the hands of the Libyan people themselves. But it certainly your attention they won the living to do not the Americans and paid him thanks very much.

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{"id":14783175,"title":"Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Lockerbie Families React","duration":"3:00","description":"Libyan dictator will be remembered for his brutal and bizarre reign.","url":"/WNT/video/moammar-gadhafi-dead-lockerbie-families-react-14783175","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}