Modern Rescue: Sticky Situation Fit for TV

Actors from comedy 'Modern Family' stuck in elevator during charity event.
1:44 | 03/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Modern Rescue: Sticky Situation Fit for TV
like a scene right out of "modern family," but this one played out in real life. You're trachd in an elevator. We've seen the cast of "modern before. Remember mrs. Dunphy stuck in the bathroom? Oh, phil! What's wrong? Mom's stuck. The door is jammed. I'm gonna push, you pull. I was pushing not pulling. Reporter: There was the time on the escalator. Valentine's day. Claire had a surprise for phil. No clothes on under that trench. Then, the coat got stuck. And then, bumping into everyone they know. Mrs. Dunphy. Are you kidding me? Hi. Luke's math teacher. Reporter: It turns out, last night -- they were stuck again. Only this time, it was in real life. Members of the cast trapped in an elevator trying to get to a fund-raiser. 15 people in all, when they realized, they're in there with the cast of "modern family." Get us out! Get us out! Reporter: Stars julie bowen, eric stonestreet, and jesse tyler ferguson. And all the while, 1500 people were waiting from them in a ballroom. Waiting for the fund-raiser to start. Get us out! Reporter: The kansas city fire department to the rescue. Ferguson -- mitchell from the show -- tweeted. "Finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one-hour mark. At least the firemen in k.C. Are cute." And they're gentlemen, too. Helping mrs. Dunphy out of a jam. Helping her out. By the way, the cast did make it to the fund-raiser. An hour later, eric stonestreet in real life said, have a great night, but don't use the elevator.

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{"id":18639086,"title":"Modern Rescue: Sticky Situation Fit for TV ","duration":"1:44","description":"Actors from comedy 'Modern Family' stuck in elevator during charity event.","url":"/WNT/video/modern-rescue-sticky-situation-fit-tv-18639086","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}