Money to Expand Broadband Across the Country Wasted?

Expensive high-speed routers paid for with taxpayer funds found gathering dust in W.Va. closet.
2:38 | 08/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Money to Expand Broadband Across the Country Wasted?
And from washington tonight, the government program spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money so everyone can work faster online. But what about the $1 million we found going to waste in just one closet. Enough money to pay for dozens of teachers. Our watch dog, david kerley back on the case of the costly program. Reporter: Speed. We crave it on the internet. A fast connection. And we need it to remain competitive in a global economy says the president. To harness the full power of the internet. Reporter: To spread broadband across the country the government came up with 7 billion dollars and communities have been hooked up. These boxes stacked in a west virginia closet, you paid for them, 20 grant each. They're unused. The state bought too many and the wrong ones. One and a quarter million just in this closet gathering dust for three years now, enough for a year's pay for 30 teachers. Congressional investigators questioned other spending asking if up to $230 million was wasted. It's the people's dollars that we're dealing with. None of it should be wasted. In this case it's obscene. Reporter: In west virginia alone, $14 million wasted according to the state audited ter there. Critics worry about where the money was spent. When they used the routers in west virginia they put them in places like this, the small community library in shepherds town. There are less than 5,000 visitors to this library who now have fast screening service but 2 local high schools nearby got none of those routers. The high school should get it. The government doesn't do a good job spending money. Reporter: Is the government doing enough to make sure the money is well spent? We went to a top obama official responsible for the spending. Can we ask him a couple of questions before the hearing. No, no. Reporter: After being grilled by members of congress -- what have we got for $2.8 million. Reporter: He refused to stop. He did defend the program. We're quite happy with the program. Reporter: Happy. Members of congress ask how much really was wasted. David kerley, abc news, washington. And we thank all of you who wrote us about our watch dog reports on facebook last night. We want to hear more of your thoughts. Keep them coming.

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{"id":20088307,"title":"Money to Expand Broadband Across the Country Wasted?","duration":"2:38","description":"Expensive high-speed routers paid for with taxpayer funds found gathering dust in W.Va. closet.","url":"/WNT/video/money-expand-broadband-country-wasted-20088307","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}