Monsoon Rains and Floods Threated the Southwest

Wild weather brings severe rain and flood warnings across Southwest.
2:42 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Monsoon Rains and Floods Threated the Southwest
osunsami every night this week. Thank you. The extreme weather battering this country. Monsoon rains in the west seems like this one. This woman trapped in Colorado. A rescuer lowered on to her roof. In Phoenix winds strong enough to knock over a row of tractor-trailers. This system is moving eastward quickly. Clayton Sandell on the images coming in now. Reporter: The peek of monsoon season is bringing rain hard and fast. It's flooded everywhere here, crazy flooding. Reporter: Flash flooding swept over roads in Arizona and Nevada. Hold on tight. Reporter: In New Mexico, normally dry arroyos turned to dangerous rapids. A police camera captures the moment citizens and officers band together to pull a sixteen-year-old girl to safety. Reporter: If you think it's raining heavier lately, climate scientists say you're right. A warmer atmosphere holds more water unleashed in torrential downpours. All across the country. A whopping 71% increase in the northeast where the rains this week overwhelmed flooded underpasses and swollen rivers. In Colorado Springs, an inch and a half of rain fell in just thirty minutes. Patricia Schafer on her way home from shopping Thursday found herself trapped in her car. The car is being flooded. I thought I am not going to be able to get out of here. With the rain, high winds near Nooe Phoenix that toppled semitrucks in the middle of traffic. Reporter: All this water is a danger to drives. Every year more than half of all people killed in flash floods are in a car. David. Clayton Sandell tonight. Thank you. I want to bring in chief meteorologist in the weather center. I know you're tracking this closely. These storm are on the move pressing to the east. That means the west will be drying out. The focus of the severe weather and flooding rains now shifts up to the northern plains and the midwest. Northern Missouri. Looking at for more than three inches of rain with possibility of flash flooding and even severe storms with hail and isolated tornados possible. That future cast shows you a cold front from Canada will spread the heavy rain into the Tennessee valley and in the midatlantic by Sunday night. It's not going to feel like the dog days of summer at all tomorrow morning. We have winds out of the northment morning temperatures down into the 60s. Detroit, in the 50s and Cleveland into the 40s for your Saturday morning. It's not going to feel like summer at all. Thank you. Next to the dramatic tail of the two am Mitch girls abducted

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{"id":25004234,"title":"Monsoon Rains and Floods Threated the Southwest","duration":"2:42","description":"Wild weather brings severe rain and flood warnings across Southwest.","url":"/WNT/video/monsoon-rains-floods-threated-southwest-25004234","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}