Baptism Uproar

A new church letter urges fellow Mormons to stop baptizing the dead.
1:19 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Baptism Uproar
A letter issued by the church just today urging mormons the stop baptized in the debt. Here's ABC's Dan Harris. In Mormon temples throughout the world news Sunday. Faithful were read a reminder about one of the religion's most controversial. Rituals that citizens for the -- -- ceremonies take place in pools like this one. We're living mormons are baptized in the name of people who have passed away. So that the -- can be given the option of converting to Mormon isn't in the afterlife. We and a loving manner make that available. -- them and then they determine whether they want to have it. They're supposed to be loving but they can be divisive when performed for non -- In the 1990s after complaints from Jewish groups the church promise to stop performing proxy -- isn't. For holocaust victims but in recent days news broke about baptism for and frank the family of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. And Jewish reporter Daniel Pearl who was murdered by al-Qaeda. So today -- reminder do not baptize people from quote unauthorized groups such as celebrities and Jewish Holocaust victims. But there may still be confusion as recently as 2009. I interviewed one of the church's twelve apostles who insisted he respected holocaust victims but. We just see this. Very differently. Nevertheless tonight the church insists mormons are only to perform -- -- for their own ancestors or else face disciplinary action. And dance with us now here on the desk this letter of -- -- of sorts -- what do you make of news of this list that exists of people still alive with a woman's plan to baptize once they die reports of that list may a lot of people upset one name on that -- reportedly LEV -- the world famous author and holocaust survivor. He was not happy about this the church has said however that nobody on that list that actually baptized. And that nobody who put -- name on that list was doing so with church permission.

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{"id":15846498,"title":"Baptism Uproar","duration":"1:19","description":"A new church letter urges fellow Mormons to stop baptizing the dead.","url":"/WNT/video/mormons-baptism-church-dead-letter-religion-15846498","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}