Move Over Oscar Here Comes the Bollywood

Some of the biggest stars in the world get ready for the Bollywood Awards.
1:58 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Move Over Oscar Here Comes the Bollywood
Americans ready to go see a different kind of blockbuster is it time for dancing to vanquish all that violence. ABC's Jim model -- -- -- a force ready challenge Hollywood has arrived in Florida. -- spectacular and over the top moviemaking made famous here in the states by slum dog millionaire. Now Bollywood comes to Tampa Florida bringing the Indian Oscars and stars -- green carpet filling -- stadium would mostly American. Out of their minds -- -- -- -- monsters sellers like tonight express that Harry meet Sally romances where hijinks ensue. Bollywood isn't vaccine by more moviegoers. In Hollywood blockbusters. Three billion tickets sold over there. One point three billion in North America. So now Bollywood meets Hollywood India hoping its formula of less violence less sex more romance and dancing will capture a new American audience to. Bollywood is extremely popular all over the world it's getting more and more popular because -- one was. The music this is in love watching the phones. Yes that's Kevin Spacey and that's John Travolta and I find -- the Indian films very original. In energy and -- Travolta is India's favorite actor why. Because he dance. Greece. Saturday night -- How important news -- making it here you know that the US is a very important it is to make it because of this image of him anyway. The next frontier they hope Bollywood movies in a theater near you. Until then it's these bolder brighter Oscars now on American soil is gaining ground. One big dance number after another remodeling ABC news camp.

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{"id":23616236,"title":"Move Over Oscar Here Comes the Bollywood","duration":"1:58","description":"Some of the biggest stars in the world get ready for the Bollywood Awards.","url":"/WNT/video/move-oscar-bollywood-23616236","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}