Move for Recounts in Several States Gains Momentum

Donald Trump receives more electoral votes in Michigan, but Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote now more than 2 million.
2:39 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Move for Recounts in Several States Gains Momentum
Next tonight, nearly three weeks now after election day, and the recount set to begin in Wisconsin. And perhaps two more battleground states, Michigan and Pennsylvania. A little more than 100,000 votes in those three states deciding this election. ABC's David Wright is in Madison, with the president-elect outraged over the recount, and the Clinton team very careful to point out, they are not leading this charge. Reporter: Tonight, the campaign everyone thought was all over is suddenly back for an encore. Good morning, America. Reporter: The Wisconsin election commission now gearing up for a recount, requested by green party candidate Jill stein. Stein is also challenging the vote in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Three battlegrounds Hillary Clinton lost by a combined 100,000 votes, deciding the election. This is an election in which there is hacking and allegations of tampering all over the place. Reporter: During the campaign, U.S. Intelligence agencies concluded Russia tried to undermine the election by hacking team Clinton and the DNC. It's one of the reasons thousands of supporters urged the Clinton camp to join the recount effort. The Clinton campaign says it hasn't uncovered any evidence the vote was tampered with. During the campaign, it was Donald Trump who often complained the fix was in. It's a rigged system. It's a rigged election. It's rigged like you've never seen before. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. Reporter: And he's still complaining. On Twitter, he went on a tirade about the recount, calling it "A scam" and tweeting out Hillary Clinton's own words. We must accept this result and then look to the future. Reporter: And trump went on to make some astonishing claims. Even though Clinton's lead in the popular vote is now more than 2 million, trump now insists he won the popular vote, "If you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." He's also alleging serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California. No evidence for any of it. Elections officials across the country, outraged. I know it's false. But it's hard to combat Facebook and Twitter. Or the president-elect. Reporter: In California, the secretary of state called trump's allegations of voter fraud "Absurd." Adding, "His reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a president-elect." Clinton campaign attorney mark Elias expressed his frustration of all of this, say, we're getting attacked for participating in a recount we didn't ask for by the man who won the election but thinks there was massive voter fraud. David? David Wright in Wisconsin for us. David, thanks.

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{"id":43833260,"title":"Move for Recounts in Several States Gains Momentum","duration":"2:39","description":"Donald Trump receives more electoral votes in Michigan, but Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote now more than 2 million.","url":"/WNT/video/move-recounts-states-gains-momentum-43833260","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}