Multiple Tornadoes Reportedly Touch Down in the Heartland

Parts of Kansas and Oklahoma are preparing for the worst by moving vehicles inside and moving aircrafts away from the storms.
3:19 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Multiple Tornadoes Reportedly Touch Down in the Heartland
But we begin tonight with that rare warning from the national weather service at this hour. It is not often they warn of a particularly dangerous situation ahead, but tonight, they are telling many communities to shelter in place. The pictures coming in already. Tornado watches stretching across hundreds of miles. The gathering clouds outside St. Louis. The heavy rainmaking for a difficult commute already. And at the Kansas City airport, large hail hammering the tarmac. To the map at this hour. The concern stretching all the way to the northeast. 54 million Americans in the threat zone. But you can see right there in the red, the biggest threat tonight.karlinsky with the shelters on the ready, right along the highway. Reporter: Dangerous storms building up across the heartland. Ominous skies in Oklahoma, where conditions are quickly deteriorating. That's fixing to do something right there. Reporter: The leading edge of the storms blew through parts of Missouri with blinding hail, slowing traffic on highways and at the airport in Kansas City. This is crazy hail. Reporter: Near Oklahoma City, some schools canceling classes. Residents warned to shelter in place. Precautions were being made across Kansas, too. They even have shelters right off the highway. This is a toll booth. There's two of them here. You just open this big steel door and down you go. They say there's room for about 15 people in these. At Mcconnell air force base in Kansas, more than a dozen military aircraft were flown out of state as a precaution, to keep them from being damaged. This auto dealership, 100 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, spent the day lining up its cars bumper to bumper inside to protect them from the onslaught of hail. The most dangerous weather is expected to take aim at an approximately 100,000-square-mile area from north Texas to Nebraska. With millions at risk, even highway billboards are warning people to take tonight's warnings very seriously. Even the billboards with the warnings tonight. The national weather service telling families to take this seriously. Neal Karlinsky with us live. Neal, the conditions right now getting miserable. Reporter: Really deter deteriorating here, David. We just had to take cover in the last minutes. We have under a small overhang here. Huge bolts of lightning behind us. You can see the hail behind me right here. That's why we had to move in. Getting socked by it. People are trying to get their cars under cover, and themselves. And David this is just the beginning. A long and dangerous night ahead. Neal Karlinsky leading us off tonight. Let's get right to meteorologist rob Marciano. He and the team driving through the storm zone. The storm bringing heavy rain, but the real concern, as I mentioned, the tornado warnings with night fall now coming and rob is in Oklahoma tonight. Rob? Reporter: David, here in Oklahoma, the storms are about an hour from the I-35 corridor and things are really going to get nasty. We are under a pds watch. A particularly dangerous situation. Tornado watch until midnight tonight. And it is huge. It stretches all the way down into Texas, including Dallas. The future radar shows the St storms developing throughout the evening. All pushes to the east. Tomorrow, less of a threat, but getting into highly populated areas. The storms that pop this evening, David, will last into dark hours, and that's when it really becomes dangerous. David?

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Parts of Kansas and Oklahoma are preparing for the worst by moving vehicles inside and moving aircrafts away from the storms. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"38690219","title":"Multiple Tornadoes Reportedly Touch Down in the Heartland","url":"/WNT/video/multiple-tornadoes-reportedly-touch-heartland-38690219"}