Names and Numbers of Snapchat Users Compromised

High-tech security breach for more than 4 million users of popular app that shares photos and video.
3:00 | 01/01/14

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Transcript for Names and Numbers of Snapchat Users Compromised
Back here at home this evening after so much reporting on that security breach for shoppers at target, a new concern over your information. It involves 4 million users of what's called snapchat, quick messages and images sent on your smart phone that then disappear. If you haven't heard of it chances are your kids have. Now comes a warning about user names and phone numbers on those accounts. Some of them are posted on the internet. Here's abc's matt gutman. Reporter: The embarrassing picture you take on the social app snapchat disappears 10 seconds after viewing it, but the information on your account stays put. And an anonymous hacker or group has exploited that. Uploading to the internet the usernames and offering up the phone numbers of an estimated 4.6 million snapchat users. The biggest danger is stalking and you can see how something like this can lead to a bat result. Reporter: Making the security breach worse? Many users tend to have the same username for multiple apps like facebook and twitter. Snapchat is a photo-sharing app right out of mission impossible, whose photos self destruct. So popular with kids that facebook wanted to buy it for $3 billion. An offer the two young owners turned down. It's unclear whether the security breach will affect the company's value. Snapchat says it has, "recently added additional counter measures," and would, "continue to make improvements to combat spam and abuse." This is a wakeup call that we've been getting for 20 years now and we keep hitting the snooze button. Reporter: Gibson, an internet security company says it discovered the security hole back in august, but when it tried to warn snapchat, the company responded that it was, "a non issue." Matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":21394248,"title":"Names and Numbers of Snapchat Users Compromised","duration":"3:00","description":"High-tech security breach for more than 4 million users of popular app that shares photos and video.","url":"/WNT/video/names-numbers-snapchat-users-compromised-21394248","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}