Natalie Wood: Mysterious Death Questioned

Police re-open case of Hollywood star who drowned 30 years ago.
3:20 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Natalie Wood: Mysterious Death Questioned
Another blockbuster case making headlines all day today the Hollywood mystery that captivated the nation thirty years ago back in the news tonight. Actress Natalie Wood who decades ago famously spoke about her fear of water. Drowned during -- boating trip off California it was puzzling from the start and tonight it is a case wide open again. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. -- we fell in love with her as the wide eyed -- miracle on 34 street all go fully. As Maria in West Side Story. But Natalie -- glamorous life would be overshadowed by her mysterious death. Would -- in the chilly waters off Catalina Island voting with her husband Robert Wagner and fellow actor Christopher Walken. Her death ruled an accident but the questions began almost immediately. And today thirty years later Los Angeles sheriff's detectives announced they are reopening the investigation. Recently we have received information. Which we felt was substantial. Enough to make -- take another look at this case we roll. -- intoxicated. Dennis -- was the captain of the yacht he says he lied to investigators about what really happened. If I could take that -- live back there wasn't lying it was just merely nods telling them everything. In a book he co authored two years ago -- says would in Wagner had a fierce argument. -- Wagner taken a bottle -- and smashed on the coffee table. He says moments later Wagoner told -- Natalee was missing. They would not allow him to started searched -- cinder ROY and arson was her on the search for it will seem -- if we can't. Can't see -- out there. And he said no we're not gonna do that at this time in 2008 Wagner told Diane Sawyer his version of that night what we think is that she. Went outside and slipped. On the swim stuff. And hit her head. Police found -- body floating the next morning the autopsy which showed numerous bruises on her legs and arms. But investigators insist Wagner is not a suspect. Wagner spokesperson tells ABC news that he is fully supportive of this new investigation. And just like you said earlier David what's so interesting about this is Natalie Wood with absolutely terrified of the water. In fact her sister says she was so -- -- the water she wouldn't even go into her own swimming pool. Which is why there were so many questions thirty years ago on this -- thanks let's bring in. Dan Abrams our senior legal analyst and and you heard -- investigator said today we received information which we felt was. Substantial enough in their words to reopen the stunning stunning development -- talking about thirty years later. And their opening the investigation now. But look to reopen this investigation the standards pretty -- they need some new information they need something that says to them it's time. But it's a much higher standard to say we're gonna. Actually take legal action in the courts or someone will be prosecuted that's a much higher bar that's the next big question that's right so would someone could so -- Prosecutors never at this point it's -- been deemed an accident. City authorities would have to decide to take some sort of action that this -- an an accident but across our Dan Abrams and Abbie Boudreau on this tonight thank you.

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{"id":14986616,"title":"Natalie Wood: Mysterious Death Questioned","duration":"3:20","description":"Police re-open case of Hollywood star who drowned 30 years ago.","url":"/WNT/video/natalie-wood-mysterious-death-questioned-14986616","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}