Nationwide Texting While Driving Ban?

Safety officials call for states to ban all cell phone use for drivers.
2:55 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nationwide Texting While Driving Ban?
Nation's top safety official said enough is enough all those lectures about putting -- -- cell phones and blackberries went behind the wheel are not working. That distract drivers are still causing 600000. Crashes and 3000 deaths every year. So today the National Transportation Safety Board said they want urgent action to ban cell phones for drivers -- it. And failure to comply should be the drivers -- a very tough price ABC's Lisa stark what happened today Lisa good evening. Good evening Diane well this is an unprecedented move by the highly respected NTSB. What they're calling for goes far beyond paying on now on the books. Not just a ban on hand held cell phones but in fact no talking at all along with no texting while on the -- The board calls it a full. Fledged crisis on the nation's roads. -- talking while driving and even more dangerous texting. -- your eyes leave the road for an average of nearly five seconds. And 55 miles an hour you will have driven the length of a football field essentially blind. Shelley Forney lost her nine year old daughter to a distracted driver. She hit -- governor. The this year. JC good. Her parents -- my parents -- -- dead instantly. I wasn't breathing and no one really expected that I haven't lived past that first 36 hours. Right now laws are all over the map texted while driving is banned in 35 states and Washington DC. Hand held cell phone use outlawed in ten states and DC. But the NTSB wants a ban on the use of all personal electronic devices in cars. Except in emergencies. Or when the devices used to help the driver such -- GPS navigation. That theory very serious issue and people need to put their devices down and -- They say it's time to take the same tough approach that we did on drunk driving. Which has saved tens of thousands of lives. Today's move prompted by this deadly accident the driver of the pickup received eleven text messages. In the eleven minutes before his crash. 90% of driver support texting bans 60%. Favor cell phone -- still drivers do not practice what they preach. It meeting they would talk and text even -- a police officer at nighttime or with children on board. But he did depend only on the government to make new laws car companies are starting to -- technologies and vehicles. Which will disable your cell -- when you turn that key. And -- technology often moves faster than legislation that may turn out to be what really saves lives dying town right.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Safety officials call for states to ban all cell phone use for drivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15149626","title":"Nationwide Texting While Driving Ban?","url":"/WNT/video/nationwide-texting-driving-ban-15149626"}