NBA Christmas Carol: Dribbling the Bells

Basketball's biggest superstars do "The Carol of the Bells."
1:34 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NBA Christmas Carol: Dribbling the Bells
And finally here on this thanksgiving night. That holiday puzzle of sorts, the song performed by some famous nba faces. But they weren't using their voi voices. In fact, they weren't even standing in the same room. So, how did they do it? We all know this version of "the carol of the bells." A holiday staple this time of year. But we've never quite heard it this way. five of the nba's biggest super stars dribbling the song. And now a drum beat of a different sort. So many asking, how did that do it? Well, it turns out, digital music. Players in five different locations when they shot their part, from miami to los angeles to new york. Five different shooments in front of a high tech screen, shot in just the last month. The nba giving us this behind the scenes footage of dwight howard. The producers had a half an hour with each player, putting someone beside them to against them a sense of what they had to accomplish on the court. How did that do it to time? They followed a color-coded monitor, much like the video game "guitar hero" that lights up on the right or left when they know when to dribble. Howard and the four others digitally laid in right next to each other and this was the result.

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{"id":17789325,"title":"NBA Christmas Carol: Dribbling the Bells","duration":"1:34","description":"Basketball's biggest superstars do \"The Carol of the Bells.\"","url":"/WNT/video/nba-christmas-carol-dribbling-bells-17789325","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}