Nelson Mandela's Daughter Speaks About Her Father

Four U.S. presidents to attend Nelson Mandela's funeral.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela's Daughter Speaks About Her Father
We move next tonight to nelson mandela and world leaders from across the globe descending on south africa, including american presidents past and present. Today president and mrs. Obama were seen boarding air force one and on board a kind of presidential car pool. Former first lady, secretary hillary clinton and laura bush and former president george w. Bush. On board the group sharing memories of mandela as all eyes turned toward johannesburg and the service now just hours away. Abc news chief foreign correspondent terry moran is there Reporter: Doves released into the skies outside of nelson mandela's home today, a fitting tribute for a great man of peace. In johannesburg, meanwhile, it was all business. Workers prepping the fnb stadium, capacity 94,000, for the massive memorial service taking place here tomorrow. Security preparations are intense, and with good reason. The world has never seen a gathering of leaders like this one. Flying in from more than 90 countries, from argentina to pakistan, trinidad to china, including four presidents, obama, who has been chosen to speak tomorrow and three of his predecessors which has the american ambassador here scrambling. The president went wheels up about an hour and a lf ago. So, they're all coming at us. Reporter: Mandela's passing is a global event, but it is also personal. Today, his daughter, maki mandela, spoke to the bbc about his last moments, surrounded by his wife, graca machel and his family. The children were there, the grandchildren were there. Graca was there so we're always around himment ♪ nelson mandela nelson mandela ♪ Reporter: Mandela touched so many, so deeply. This afternoon, we met a young entrepreneur in a shanty town hear pretoria. He built his internet cafe with his own hands, and despite the desperate poverty here, he's dreaming big. Twenty years in the future, maybe, I might be another mandela. Reporter: You can feel it here, at this spontaneous memorial outside his home, mandela's presence in the lives and dreams of so many. And tomorrow, at the unprecedented gathering of presidents and princes and ordinary people, the whole world will say good-bye. Diane? Thank you so much, terry. Later on byron pitts will have 0 more on mandela and a powerful moment that shook a racist culture to the core.

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{"id":21155916,"title":"Nelson Mandela's Daughter Speaks About Her Father","duration":"3:00","description":"Four U.S. presidents to attend Nelson Mandela's funeral.","url":"/WNT/video/nelson-mandelas-daughter-speaks-father-21155916","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}