Newt Gingrich One-on-One

Former House speaker and GOP presidential contender on claiming the nomination.
3:14 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich One-on-One
Newt Gingrich threw down a kind of political gauntlet today. The professor and politician with the -- Abel prize fighters sat down one on one with our own Jake Tapper and the former speaker of the house. Seemed ready to claim the mantle. Here's Jake now. -- Iowa today former house speaker Newt Gingrich told us that his rise from an asterisk after thoughts -- in front runner. Is different from that of other former Republican flavors of the week Michelle Bachmann Rick -- Herman Cain. Those guys with a new kid on the block and his in this wonderful boy be great -- it worked out. And we don't know anything about. I and the guy's been around forever and this please -- just a vicious attacks from his opponents. Gingrich never known for a small ego is undeterred -- Vietnam. And as it's very hard not to look at the recent polls -- thing. That the odds are very high and Vietnam. It -- -- a short strange trip not even six months ago. Your entire staff had resigned on amounts that the line is somebody used that -- Bruce Willis and six cents have again been known as dead. The debate change divisions you know and then began to rebuild momentum this momentum means large enthusiastic crowds on the campaign trip. But some Republicans have reservations. -- specifically that I keep here they worrying. That even though you are familiar figure that maybe there still are skeletons in your closet that we don't know about -- -- and skeletons we don't know about not that I know. -- -- Again. Given the nature of the modern world whatever it is shall come out in the -- and any other concern. Has to do live. Your propensity to make tons outrageous. -- -- however whatever adjective you'd like to assign remarks. The most recent one about child labor laws for example being stupid young children who are poor. Ought to learn how to go to work would be great if intercity schools -- poor neighborhood schools actually heard the children to do things. Some of the things they could do would be work in the library. Work in the front office some of them frankly could be janitorial. The Democrats could very easily take that comment and say new Gingrich -- inner city kids to become janitors. At age ten and correct answers that's a lot. Newt Gingrich once in -- case -- -- to learn how to have a job. Jake it is always a ride with Newt Gingrich so bring us up to date on the polls tonight where they stand. Well in the latest Gallup poll he and Mitt Romney are essentially tied its front runners but -- keep. Is that Gingrich has very high voter intensity voters like him they like him a lot and Romney's voter intensity. Is -- that we've been through this before Michelle Bachmann at one point had high voter intensity in her campaign is all but disappeared but. For now Gingrich as the man of the hour. All right Jake Tapper with a few snowflakes drifting around him and -- Jake knows. The top Republican contenders will come together in Des Moines, Iowa one week from Saturday for an ABC news debate. 9 PM eastern 6 Pacific. And George Stephanopoulos and I will be moderating we hope you will join us then.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Former House speaker and GOP presidential contender on claiming the nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15069520","title":"Newt Gingrich One-on-One","url":"/WNT/video/newt-gingrich-15069520"}