Rise of the Frontrunner

Newt Gingrich is riding high going into the debate.
2:34 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Rise of the Frontrunner
We continue here on politics tonight this race already taking so many twists and -- but the search by Newt Gingrich that Jake reported on to the top of the Republican pat. Might be the most unexpected twist -- also how do you do it and can he keep this place at the top. ABC's John Karl -- in the spin room tonight with a campaigns will be watching the candidates very closely during his debate John good evening. Good evening David -- -- which goes into this debate as the clear front runner it's a stunning turnaround for someone who was considered politically dead. Just a few weeks ago. But Gingrich campaign had one of the most disastrous -- ever seen in presidential politics. Weeks of announcing his candidacy Gingrich was off on cruise of the Greek islands. Facing questions about his 500000. Dollar line of credit at Tiffany's for his wife Callista. Staff revolted resigning en -- Making his campaign a punch -- he's not even president he's already raising -- unemployment rate everyone thought Gingrich was dead. Except Gingrich will find out over the next year. Who's right. August came the first big test in Iowa Ames straw poll candidates will be on the stage tonight Gingrich came in dead last. Rule is. -- -- comeback. One work. At Bates how do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mass social and wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. Gingrich was combative but with the news media not his opponents and they beat up on each other news I'm -- the -- may -- Gingrich tried to stay above at all all of us are committed as a team. Whoever the nominee is we are all for defeating Barack Obama. Also helped of course -- -- front runner after another seem to implode. Leaving Gingrich -- rise at what might just be the right moment. As you heard Jake say Gingrich is insisting that he is gonna remain positive in this debate. But David it won't be as easy now that he is the front runner and now under attack by the others. And John you were telling -- you learn of something else it'll be on Newt -- podium here behind me tonight. That's right as soon as he gets out to the -- -- these debates he writes down a few things a few. Words of advice he got from his grandchildren including from his twelve year old granddaughter Maggie. The were her name Maggie and then a smiley face. She will be in the audience that it counting how many times he smiles she says he does not smile enough of these debates. We'll be watching to Jon Karl in the spin room tonight John thanks.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Newt Gingrich is riding high going into the debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15129924","title":"Rise of the Frontrunner","url":"/WNT/video/newt-gingrich-forerunner-debate-politics-us-15129924"}