Newt Gingrich Talks Press Coverage with ABC News

Gingrich tells ABC's Elicia Dover he identifies with the "embeds."
2:18 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Talks Press Coverage with ABC News
Is really matters suspect -- -- of question on the airplane yesterday I now as far as talking about is differences. To reports no planes and everything in -- of them who is going to the -- It isn't by accident yeah but I mean do you think -- a good thing they have people -- about actually actually identified with the people -- the and that's. Yes why. -- -- -- Yeah -- will also live really nice people think that you can't examine all the guys who have no limos and but to the campus gallantly doing to beat back. I -- -- do you ever -- you ever afraid that our and it -- tracking -- has sending your -- you're facing Ronald were always there. Well -- mean first of all. Senator everything is covered my room if you didn't do it somebody with a cellphone camera would do it yet supplied to customers it's just doing what corn dog. State fair for the reason it became obvious insult to my friends and Handley page when he did conduct a -- -- exactly. Just said it's hopeless and this is the modern world -- the only thing that gets tricky is not so much -- lose -- -- -- There's really live coverage. But slowly going out of that moment right. And you know by trying to get irritated right turns and and you look bad and we don't want yes that's just just blew this woman you're you're always on. It's interesting too because I like we do actually get to know you very well probably more so that they even a typical voter someone that much. I -- he has pulled your knowledge. You're not you know close to me would be fully and jammed up not too frightening but -- -- remember it but it is -- -- athletes but if that's because I give this speech. Actually -- as part time they had him but I think the other part of it is. I just I don't know if you've ever done -- -- but with the good humor. The -- that overall words you know we'll see how it is by the end of next year minute. Now but but my hope is that the networks will put the same habits of the campaign when when I have the nomination. Do you find it tiring -- the travel and you know it's there's -- -- I looked as an on the ground right. -- learned. You travel back mystical about it that's fun yeah right right now I am an effort you did thank you.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Gingrich tells ABC's Elicia Dover he identifies with the \"embeds.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15126502","title":"Newt Gingrich Talks Press Coverage with ABC News","url":"/WNT/video/newt-gingrich-talks-press-coverage-abc-news-elicia-dover-embeds-politics-15126502"}