NFL 'HIT' Squads

Players paid huge sums to knock big-name players out of the game.
1:37 | 03/03/12

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Transcript for NFL 'HIT' Squads
BN FL is blowing the whistle on the New Orleans Saints tonight saying the team paid players big money. Two inflicting game ending injuries on their opponents here's ABC's Chris -- This is what they mean by welcome to the NFL. But the New Orleans Saints have refused to paying cash to hurt -- homes in place. You are paying players to hurt people to hit people. It's it's definitely out of balance. The broken sound like mafia hits thousand dollars if an opponent was carted off. 15100 dollars -- knocked out of the -- even more to sidelined stars like Brett -- -- 101000 dollar bounty in this 2010 championship game. Cold cash from hits like this. Against Arizona quarterback -- Want it seen that they went. Beyond what was normal in regards to win they were going to hit me or how they were going to hit me. The alleged mastermind former saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams not with Saint Louis in a statement he apologizes. A terrible mistake we knew it was wrong. But former players say paying for -- is not so rare. The Washington Redskins also under investigation. -- -- Multiple clubs and it is an -- traditional ulcers are. The saints faced stiff and the -- sanctions the globe for the truth of New Orleans after Katrina. A team the -- chargers need not only three hits but to her. Chris you -- NBC news Chicago.

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{"id":15842120,"title":"NFL 'HIT' Squads","duration":"1:37","description":"Players paid huge sums to knock big-name players out of the game.","url":"/WNT/video/nfl-saints-hit-squad-football-game-15842120","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}