NJ's Chris Christie's Bridge Over Troubled Politics

Governor accused of shutting lanes on GWB for political motives, says he was not aware of closings.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ's Chris Christie's Bridge Over Troubled Politics
We turn, next, here to an uproar tonight surrounding one of the most popular and most colorful political forces in the country. Governor chris christie of new jersey. They play tough politics in new jersey. But did christie's aides deliberately create huge traffic jams on the nation's busiest bridge? And why? The governor says he's furious, tonight. Inside the firestorm, abc's senior national correspondent, jim avila. At lower level, look at that. Reporter: It's the week of SEPTEMBER 9th. Traffic in ft. Lee, new jersey, just across the world's busiest bridge from manhattan, is dangerously gridlocked. Four days-straight. Emergency vehicles, commuters, school buss. I got there and it was piled up all the way back on the street. And I was, like, 20 minutes late for school every day for that week. Reporter: Today, a series of mails and text messages reveals that ft. Lee's pain was deliberately engineered in a fit of political retribution by members of governor chris christ christie's office, who triggered this mess with one short order to the agency that runs the george washington bridge. Seven little words. Time for some traffic problems in ft. Lee. Two weeks later, these cones mysteriously appear. Blocking off two of the three lanes from ft. Lee to the bridge. The ripple effect is swift and dramatic. Cars back up for miles. A four-hour delay to get to manhattan. And ft. Lee comes to a standstill. The police chief cannot believe it. Disturbing to find out that people who are supposed to be protecting public actually impaired public safety. Reporter: Why did this happen? Ft. Lee's mayor, a democrat who refused to endorse governor christie, as he swept to re-election on the platform of bipartisanship, thought the same thing. I got somebody mad at me. Those e-mails are pretty damning. Reporter: E-mails showing that despite chris christie's claims otherwise, his staff was cheering as ft. Lee suffered. Is it wrong that I'm smiling? No. I feel badly about the kids. They are the children of buono voters. State senator barbara buono was christie's opponent at the time. I'm done remaining silent. We need apologies. We need explanations. Reporter: In a statement this afternoon, an apology. Governor christie said what he saw today is unacceptable. He is outraged and saddened. He was misled, he says, by a member of his staff. And while the governor says he won't tolerate it, he did not announce any firings today. Diane? All right, jim. It's hard to believe today. Thank you so much.

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{"id":21469666,"title":"NJ's Chris Christie's Bridge Over Troubled Politics","duration":"3:00","description":"Governor accused of shutting lanes on GWB for political motives, says he was not aware of closings.","url":"/WNT/video/njs-chris-christies-bridge-troubled-politics-21469666","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}