North Carolina Preparing for Hurricane Arthur, Evacuations Underway

Also, concern that critical Bonner Bridge, which connects communities in the Outer Banks, may not be able to withstand storm surge.
2:57 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for North Carolina Preparing for Hurricane Arthur, Evacuations Underway
There are mandatory evacuations underway families giving up on vacation plans homeowners trying to get out of harm's way of course many are taping up their windows and we -- tonight. Does that tape ever make a difference ABC's David -- standing by now -- Nags Head North Carolina where families are on the move there David. Good evening David some families have left but as you can see others have decided to stay and ride out this storm. And this really is the bullseye of this hurricane the earliest to hit North Carolina in recorded history. As Arthur moved up the Carolina coast the -- for some vacationers was clear of that doing so is it going you're gonna go. Jesse local New Jersey rode out hurricane sanity but Arthur has -- packing up her vacation her backing up -- -- Safer grounds and hope that they call us back. Only Cape Hatteras is on mandatory evacuation so thousands of residents and vacationers have to decide stay or go. We thought we might leave -- -- Later this afternoon the buyers of Ohio like so many here are keeping an eye on the TV the forecast of the first hurricane of the season. Which is gaining strength. Veterans know taping windows doesn't work. So shutters and plywood are going up even this new TARP like Astro guard to try and protect windows from flying debris. Which can do this. To a house or business and businesses here are worried. That their cash registers will be hit by the storm. Traditionally. The busiest week of the year this time he's -- or anybody. Back -- that vacation home the buyers have made a decision about leaving so at this point. You can -- I believe now yes. -- April but I think we're gonna ride it out. You know David -- -- you -- there were three Arthurs is actually afford -- business is very good there it's just up the road it's an oyster bar it's called. Awful Arthurs and they've got a great business going folks stopping by -- take pictures in front of the sign. And they are selling out of their teachers. And we're gonna find out just how awful Arthur is. In a couple of hours David. That's right they have been named first awful Arthurs David -- tonight thank you and there is one more concern from the storm zone tonight a major bridge. Connecting some of the communities of the popular outer banks it's the only one and it's been damaged before in fact they just put a new -- in and so now the test. If this is -- Gonzales on that tonight Marcy. David tonight there are concerns about a vital lifeline here in the -- -- I want to take a look at this. -- -- the Bonner bridge today connecting the islands of the outer banks especially how to read it recently re -- and now with arsenal approaching. There are worried that a major storm surge could cause serious damage leaving communities cut off from the rest of the -- And my concern is there is some of the damage -- sandy did battering of buckling roads. I waiting towns that they will be watching that very closely tonight.

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{"id":24423156,"title":"North Carolina Preparing for Hurricane Arthur, Evacuations Underway","duration":"2:57","description":"Also, concern that critical Bonner Bridge, which connects communities in the Outer Banks, may not be able to withstand storm surge.","url":"/WNT/video/north-carolina-preparing-hurricane-arthur-evacuations-underway-24423156","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}