North Korea Launches Successful Long-Range Missile

Martha Raddatz discusses the reaction to Kim Jong Un's rocket demonstration.
2:07 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korea Launches Successful Long-Range Missile
Now we turn to the powerful rocket fired by the hidden and hostile nation of North Korea a rocket big enough -- with enough range. To reach the West Coast of the United States. Today ABC's Martha Raddatz studied what this means for the US and what we know about the enigmatic man who was celebrating tonight. Korean newscasters announced the successful launch with Ecstasy. I costs holding -- so thrilled with this country by the rocket launch. Fireworks ripped through the sky. Exactly what North Korea's new twenty something leader Kim Jong-un. Needed to prove he is every bit his late father's provocative son. The message to the world is don't mess with me. I not only have be -- the weapons I have that delivery capability now. There is no question this long range rocket is a big technological leap. And especially frightening given the country is believed to have nuclear weapons. The concern obviously is that this is really another step that would allow them to turn this into an ICBM and Intercontinental ballistic missile. That could be carrying a nuclear weapon any place and world. But the hard part is the guidance system and making a nuclear -- small enough to fitted -- those missiles. That means years of complicated work before Americans would be in harm's way yet little is known about the intentions of -- Jon -- As a young man he reportedly loved watching America's Michael Jordan. Sits in our we've seen him on horseback. And added amusement park with his wife as well as presiding over -- Parade but -- youth may be the real key to working with him. He is of another generation. And -- social media there's no question -- he is aware of changes in the world and perhaps vulnerability for him and his regime. But the fact that North Korea had a successful launch does put -- in a stronger bargaining position Diane. All right Martha Raddatz reporting and thanks so much Martha.

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{"id":17948981,"title":"North Korea Launches Successful Long-Range Missile","duration":"2:07","description":"Martha Raddatz discusses the reaction to Kim Jong Un's rocket demonstration.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korea-launches-successful-long-range-missile-17948981","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}