North Korea Mourns Fallen Leader

Funeral under way for Kim Jong Il as son is set to take the helm.
2:37 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for North Korea Mourns Fallen Leader
We head overseas now to North Korea and most remarkable pictures of the wailing residents of the most secretive nation on the planet. The funeral of dictator Kim Jung -- is under way his son a 28 year old admitted not. Unknown and untested and now at the Helm of a nuclear power. When America is watching closely tonight ABC's global affairs anchor Christiane -- for. Is tracking the clues about what this new young leader will do. Foreign delegations were not invited to the funeral. But state television broadcast the -- -- -- display of grief around the nation. The chief more than Kim's 28 year old son and and -- walking with his hand on the -- during the two and a half hour procession. Through the -- capital. His older Brothers who -- cost over. We're nowhere in -- Once again public displays of grief we've seen over the top two outside -- But in this closed society where people learn from birth to repeated their great leader. Conformity is the quiet dissent is dangerous. It's still just the men and women of the ministry the world's fifth largest march -- perfect lockstep. Citizens trained for years to participate. In synchronize ceremonies like this one which introduced him -- and -- people last year. In the capital. Human beings can -- the rule -- bad day to keep the traffic flowing. -- -- -- keep the streets immaculate. What outside -- don't seem the hundreds of thousands of people in the prison camps. For the quarter of the population. That is estimated by the United Nations to stop. Because of malnutrition. North Koreans and now on average two inches shorter than their counterparts in the south. This new. While today's funeral is intended to show an orderly transition to Kim Jong -- The funeral lineup shows the powerful old god still right up there with him. The United States will be watching very closely to see what happens in Pyongyang over the next days and weeks. A US administration source tells me that -- -- negotiations could resume where they left off. But that would depend on the first moves Kim Jong-un decides to make as the new need to.

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{"id":15249763,"title":"North Korea Mourns Fallen Leader","duration":"2:37","description":"Funeral under way for Kim Jong Il as son is set to take the helm.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korea-mourns-fallen-leader-15249763","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}