North Korean Propaganda Shows White House Under Attack

New video from pro-north Korean group comes as Pyongyang talks tough about war.
2:51 | 04/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korean Propaganda Shows White House Under Attack
North Korea the south is preparing for more of the -- this week and tonight the latest here reports North Korea's young leader is now boldly asking President Obama to -- a -- call. This is South Korea's top military leaders announced -- is canceling a trip to the US he doesn't want to leave -- a dangerous time and the US tonight is canceling a missile test of its own. ABC's Bob Woodruff tells us why is he reports in from South Korea again tonight. -- ongoing propaganda war is getting more extreme today it was video distributed from the pro North Korean group showing the White House under attack. The images. Taken from the with North Korea the -- on -- -- -- -- not the anxiety over conflict with North Korea is real. Here in the south the top military General Jones until canceled his upcoming trip to Washington. The situation on the peninsula so tense doesn't -- we -- The top US military commander here in South Korea general James Thurman changing his travel plans as well. Remaining in Korea -- stay on top of the situation. This week the US military was supposed to test of Intercontinental ballistic missile base in California. But Defense Secretary chuck -- the -- to avoid further provocation. Today according to a Russian news agency Kim Jong and is not demanded President Obama to give him a call so they can talk about this ongoing conflict. And is very similar to the request that he made through Dennis Rodman the basketball player when he was visiting the leader right there in Pyongyang's last month. -- Bob Woodruff in South Korea tonight Bob thank you want to -- ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha -- who's just back from South Korea herself tonight but the what's different about this untested young leader from his father and what's the real threat as we head into another week I think the difference -- he's had -- real successes he's had and nuclear test that was successful he had a long range missile test was successful this is a 29 year old who feels. Very emboldened at this point going into this week I think you might see in the week of the week after that. A mid range missile test possibly two missiles those mobile missiles that were trying to track in North Korea. But probably launch them into the water that theory is that South Korea or Japan will lead actor that provocation militarily. The US is doing everything they can't just say don't do -- in the meantime -- you heard Bob report there this -- leader want to call from President Obama. This is not -- you get a call the White House. That's not gonna happen it's certainly not gonna happen that way when -- my favorite stories while I was in South Korea and the press was the Korean press quoting Dennis Rodman as saying. As Dennis Rodman recently said and talking about how Kim -- -- -- -- call from the president or or maybe you should just taken to a basketball game that's not gonna happen but I think you'll see you real diplomatic push.

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{"id":18902958,"title":"North Korean Propaganda Shows White House Under Attack","duration":"2:51","description":"New video from pro-north Korean group comes as Pyongyang talks tough about war.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korean-propaganda-shows-white-house-attack-18902958","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}