NRA Faces Backlash for Defiant Message

Gun control debate hit from both sides, rallies for gun control clash with rise in weapon purchases.
2:43 | 12/23/12

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Transcript for NRA Faces Backlash for Defiant Message
We may be two days away from christmas, but many americans are focused not on yuletide joy, but instead on guns. Who has them, who's trying to get them and how they should be controlled. Tonight, the nra and its supporters are doubling down. We're hearing reports of a rush at gun shows and stores across america today, people buying assault weapons before a possible ban. As nra executives fanned out across the air waves with a message of defiance. Abc's david kerley is on the story. Reporter: The nra today stuck by its guns, that every american school should have an armed guard. If it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. The nra has blood on its hands! Reporter: Two days ago. Amid protesters and refuseding to take questions, the head of the nra unveiled this plan. Belittled by some. TODAY wayne LaPierre defends himself. When that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into that school, if a good guy with a gun was there, he might have been able to stop them. Reporter: The massacre as sandy hook has led some nra supporters to call for goal of guns and magazine clips. The nra supporters blame the media, the entertainment culture, and the lack of mental health care are having none of it. So you're saying gun control shouldn't be part of this at all? Congress will debate, but i think it's not part of the ultimate solution on this. Reporter: At least one school district in new jersey will place armed guards in schools to the disapproval of the governor. You don't want to make this an armed camp for kids. I don't think that's a positive example for children. Reporter: Our now abc washington news post pole shows a majority of americans continue to favor more restrictions on gun ownership. That may be the reason other americans are flocking to gun stores. Shelves empty in this north carolina store. We've never seen anything like this, we have the christmas business, the hunting season business, and now the political business. LaPIERRE WAS PRESSED TIME AND Time again whether he would agree to one change in gun law, he either refused to answer or changed the subject. He finished by saying the gun is the tool. The problem is the criminal. Let me ask you about another washington story. We're nine days away from going over the fiscal cliff. Any progress to speak of today? There are a number of members of congress today asking that the president and the speaker try one more time. Both republicans and democrats in the senate are saying the chances of that big debt-reducing deal really are lost. It's now a small deal, they expect it out of the senate probably later this week.

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{"id":18052150,"title":"NRA Faces Backlash for Defiant Message","duration":"2:43","description":"Gun control debate hit from both sides, rallies for gun control clash with rise in weapon purchases.","url":"/WNT/video/nra-faces-backlash-defiant-message-18052150","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}