NSA Leaker Reveals Alleged Summit Spying

Edward Snowden says U.S. targeting him won't stop flood of leaks.
2:37 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for NSA Leaker Reveals Alleged Summit Spying
with the whistle blowers ambush. There you see president obama looking relaxed with other world leaders at the g 8 sum it only hours after the guardian revealed america had spied on its own allies. The latest bomb shell from edward snowden. His secrets are sending shock waves all over the world and now his own father is pleading with him to stop. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross starts us off with the latest. Reporter: Reporter: This latest leak in edward snowden's campaign seems carefully timed for maximum embarrassment and outrage as the meeting of world leaders in northern ireland, the so-called g8. Snowden gave the "guardian" newspaper top secret documents revealing how the british government spied on "diplomatic targets from all nations" and their "smartphones" at a similar meeting of world leaders in 2009. The "guardian" said other documents from snowden show that at the same meeting four years ago, the nsa intercepted communications from russian president medvedev shortly after he met with president obama. No good can come of his revelati revelations. But why does snowden think it's okay to tell them the details of that espionage. Reporter: Snowden is still believed to be in hong kong in hiding as his father urged him to stop the leaks. I ask that you measure what you are going to do and not release anymore information. Reporter: There was no sign of that today as snowden answered questions online through "the guardian" newspaper. He described a dead man switch to make sure his documents became public saying the u.S. Government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me, almost taunting the u.S. To track him electronically. There's no real way of him protecting himself if he's only and connected live to a site. Reporter: Snowden's leaks are reverb rating around the world. The chinese explained last week's disclosure. He's the equivalent of a chinese spy if he gives china details of u.S. Operations that were run against chinese networks. Reporter: Snowden denied he was a spy or gave the chinese american sweats. He said being called a traitor by former vice president dick cheney over the weekend as, quote, the highest honor you can give an american. Let's follow up with jon karl

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{"id":19423455,"title":"NSA Leaker Reveals Alleged Summit Spying","duration":"2:37","description":"Edward Snowden says U.S. targeting him won't stop flood of leaks.","url":"/WNT/video/nsa-leaker-reveals-alleged-summit-spying-19423455","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}