Nuclear Plant Leak in Southern California

Radiation leak found at nuclear power plant north of San Diego.
2:41 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Nuclear Plant Leak in Southern California
Radiation leak at an American nuclear power -- San -- 45 miles north of San Diego California. Officials say the -- is small but as we've seen before sometimes nuclear plants have changed the story after an accident and look at this seven million Americans live within fifty miles of -- -- So ABC's David Wright traveled there to investigate what the real risks are David. Good evening -- here's what we know a very small amount of radiation apparently leaked inside the far dome over there. Barely measurable quote very very low levels that's the quote from. A spokesman for the -- Nuclear Regulatory Commission however the concerns were high enough that the plant is now close. Officials say the radiation leak likely occurred in the steam generator tubes of -- no phrase reactor number three. No danger -- public noting that -- workers in any radiation again. If there was immediately if at all it would have been so barter that steam system which is supposed to be shielded from any exposure to radiation. Was replaced in December 2010. So the question is why did those parts fail now. It could be a mechanical issues due to new equipment there was also a possibility that the equipment was defective. This is a harbinger of more problems. Sent -- -- rate is one of dozens of US reactors facing new scrutiny after Japan's nuclear crisis. Right on the coast in the heart of America's earthquake country. Just extort of the navy's West Coast Camp Pendleton. We came here that day that Fukushima Dai -- plant in Japan melted down. Plant officials were eager to reassure the public the same thing could not happen here is -- plants and my -- on some. After Japan the Nuclear Regulatory Commission updated its seismic model and in a report issued just yesterday. Found that nine. US. Or in regions at higher risk of a quake than previously thought. Major metropolitan areas are uncomfortably close to major nuclear power plants. Indian point just outside New York City twenty million people -- a fifty mile radius. -- just fifty miles from the heavily populated suburbs of Chicago. If we don't they can shut it down. It's going to be two. We can't wait for that RC we can't wait for the government. Now it is important to underscore it is not clear that this event had anything to do with earthquakes it's likely just faulty equipment. However after what happened in Japan people are understandably concerned Diane.

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{"id":15493393,"title":"Nuclear Plant Leak in Southern California","duration":"2:41","description":"Radiation leak found at nuclear power plant north of San Diego.","url":"/WNT/video/nuclear-plant-leak-southern-california-15493393","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}