What NYC Suspect Allegedly Wrote Before Attack

ISIS, al-Qaeda figures praised in bloody journal.
3:03 | 09/22/16

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Transcript for What NYC Suspect Allegedly Wrote Before Attack
We begin tonight with breaking news after those bombs in New York City and New Jersey tonight the FBI wants the public's help with two mystery men. They need help identifying and finding the two men seen here in this image from a surveillance camera. And this is the poster they put out today. Authorities say they were seen making off with a suitcase on a New York City street investigators say leaving behind a pressure cooker bomb. Police want to question them an ABC news just moments ago obtaining this exclusive video of the suspect walking into a New Jersey here slaughter. One day before that first bomb went off. We get new reporting right here tonight was that suspect acting alone here's ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Good terror. That hit New York is widening tonight as police seek to talk to these two men seen on video as they came upon a suitcase that held one of the bonds they removed what turned out to be a pressure cooker and they ruled the bag away police say they want to know who they are and just what they were doing with that day they are witnesses not many jeopardy of being arrested. This do video obtained by ABC news shows the suspect Ahmad raw how many hours before the attack calmly walking into a New Jersey Harris a lot. Authorities tonight say they have yet to question and because he still recovering in the hospital and injury suffered in the gunfight with police he's not medically cleared so that we can speak and just yet also today. Police made public a page from raw honey is handwritten journal. Bloody from his wounds praising brother Osama bin Laden and the top crisis leader. In the new federal charges officials say Iran Hamid began planning his bomb attacks. At least three months ago. Bind the bomb components on eBay including steel ball bearings to maximize the injuries to victims officials say Iraq honey then did a kind of test run in the backyard of his family home. Two days before the blast. Scorched are still visible today. And a video of it discovered by agents on a cellphone belonging to a family member there's a videotape showing. But appears to be someone's backyard with a with a with a pipe. In the ground and explosion that takes place as agents look for possible accomplices several over how many Stanley members had been questioned and their social media scoured since the initial FBI raids early Monday. The accused bomber is the one on the right in this family photo take it in Times Square now being reviewed by agents. Raw homilies wife the mother of two of his three children is expected to fly into the US tomorrow after being interviewed by the FBI Tuesday in Dubai. All right Brian Ross back with us tonight and as you've been reporting the search for these two mystery man in the meantime they still want to question the main suspect. Oh that's right David he was conscious when he was first captured after that gun fight. And initially refused to cooperate in any way with the FBI since then agents have not been able to follow up. Because he remains in the hospital and doctors say for whatever reason he's not medically cleared to be questioned David Brian Ross stay on this Brian thank you.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"ISIS, al-Qaeda figures praised in bloody journal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42264869","title":"What NYC Suspect Allegedly Wrote Before Attack","url":"/WNT/video/nyc-suspect-allegedly-wrote-attack-42264869"}