Obama Calls Woman Attacked by Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh accused for sexist remarks amid contraception controversy.
2:16 | 03/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Calls Woman Attacked by Limbaugh
Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh finds himself at the center for political brawl after he launched an attack on a thirty year old female law student who testified about contraception. And health insurance. By the end of the day the president of the United States it enters the fray ABC's Jake Tapper explains. Before taking a trip on Marine One this afternoon President Obama telephoned a soldier. Fresh to the culture wars Sandra full look what that is -- He expressed support for me it's. He. He said that he hoped his parents or my parents were proud of me and -- that really something and he said that you know as a father he understood how they would feel. Flunk the former head of Georgetown law students for reproductive justice stepped into the front lines when house Republicans denied democrats' request -- -- To give her -- seat at this all male tabled. It was at a house hearing pitting religious liberty against president Obama's mandate requiring even religious schools and hospitals. To offer contraception coverage -- spoke last week before house Democrats my name -- Sandra fluke. To talk about her belief that contraception should be fully cover. In the worst cases women who need this medication for other medical reasons. Suffered very dire consequences -- term Rush Limbaugh she must be paid to have sex what does that make -- The -- slot right. -- prostitute since Wednesday that talk radio giant has attacked a thirty year old relentlessly. And inaccurately since she is not talking about taxpayer money at all we want something fort. And I'll tell you what it is. We want you to post the video -- online so we can all watch. Limbaugh is crass insults have sparked a huge controversy in some sponsors have pulled their advertisements. And Democrats are raising money by lumping Limbaugh in with Republicans. It's just really really. Upsetting that there's a sector of American society that thinks it's still OK to talk about women and -- -- Republicans -- -- to make this a debate with the White House about religious liberty but now find themselves defending rush behaving badly probably not a winning issue. Jake Tapper ABC news the White House.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Rush Limbaugh accused for sexist remarks amid contraception controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15837330","title":"Obama Calls Woman Attacked by Limbaugh","url":"/WNT/video/obama-calls-woman-attacked-limbaugh-15837330"}