Obama on GOP in Barbara Walters Interview

President discusses current bipartisan divisiveness in U.S. politics.
1:45 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Obama on GOP in Barbara Walters Interview
And ABC news exclusive President Obama one on one with ABC's Barbara Walters. And tonight he is speaking out about the Republicans in congress and those who would like to unseat him. He even tackles that delicate question should American voters measure a candidate based on marital fidelity. We have never seen. That I can remember more divisive situation. Would you and the Republicans in congress is not a failure of your leadership -- them. You know you never -- -- say it's all them but I do think that. Right now at least in the Republican Party. There are. A couple of notions number one. Is that compromise is dirty work. Number two anything that Obama's four were against. So. -- by proposing health care bill that is full of Republican ideas in fact is very similar to. The law that was passed by the current. Republican front runner or. One of the top front runner you've just gotten him and -- on the other guy it was it was supporter of many of the ideas as well suddenly they become against. This topic has come up recently in the Republican debates do you think that someone's marriage. On marriages should be part of the public debate -- -- I'm not big on. People's personal lives. Being. Poked and prodded by the what the American people really care about others. What kind of Japanese. And you can see Barbara's full interview with the president and mrs. Obama on a 20/20 holiday special.

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{"id":15166448,"title":"Obama on GOP in Barbara Walters Interview","duration":"1:45","description":"President discusses current bipartisan divisiveness in U.S. politics.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-gop-barbara-walters-interview-15166448","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}