Obama Kicks Off His Three Day Tour

The president pushes his $447 billion jobs bill in North Carolina and Virginia.
2:10 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Obama Kicks Off His Three Day Tour
We turn to jobs in America. And a new dual shaping up between Democrats and Republicans over what is right to do President Obama saying today. If Republicans will not pass -- big 450 billion dollar jobs bill. He's going to break it apart and ask for a vote one idea at a time so what are these ideas. ABC's Jake Tapper is traveling with the president in millers creek North Carolina. Day one of the president's bust or to convince voters in two key battleground states that he's fighting for them. Nortel got a lot of -- spent -- look at the war. And bush is 450 billion dollar jobs bill. Since that failed the -- senate hurdle last week the president announced today it will be broken up into bite -- -- and -- and understand the whole thing no one. Though it's unclear if congress will swallow it the first bite is 35 billion dollars to help state and local governments fund teachers police officers and firefighters. Paid for by a point 5% tax increase on millionaires that Republicans oppose the president's salesmanship is showing signs of success when asked who they trusted more to create jobs President Obama or the Republicans in congress. In September the public was evenly divided. Now the president leads by fifteen points. Mr. Obama today eviscerate the new Republican jobs bill sounding at a campaign theme and trying to channel some of the -- Wall Street anger. They want to got regulations. They want to let Wall Street. Do whatever it wants. I appreciate the form or Europe but right now I'm thinking about the next thirteen months. Much of those thirteen months will be spent in these officially non campaign events contrasting his ideas with Republicans. Going to general stores and barbecue joints talking to voters and their children. And Diane assuredly many of these non campaign events just happened. To be taking place in competitive battleground states such as here in North Carolina and tomorrow. In Virginia --

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{"id":14757365,"title":"Obama Kicks Off His Three Day Tour","duration":"2:10","description":"The president pushes his $447 billion jobs bill in North Carolina and Virginia.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-kicks-off-day-tour-14757365","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}