Private Portrait

Behind the Scenes book reveals the first lady taking charge.
1:29 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Private Portrait
-- got an extraordinary behind the scenes look. At president Obama's most trusted advisor First Lady Michelle Obama it comes from a new book due out this week and ABC's David Curley has been poring through it. She's more popular than her husband but this new book portrays Michelle Obama as a reluctant First Lady. And -- New York Times article the author says mrs. Obama considered postponing her moved to the White House for months. And then bristled at its confinement and obligations. And was frustrated and insecure about her place. Much different than what the First Lady told ABC's Barbara Walters just last month. Somebody said that there -- Perception out there that I feel confined -- trapped in in some way that couldn't be further from the truth. We -- the First Lady pushing exercise healthy eating can solely military families. But this new books suggest Michelle Obama has evolved into an unrecognized. Force behind the scenes former press secretary Robert Gibbs blew up curse the First Lady the book says. After complaints about his efforts to tamp down a story that mrs. Obama reportedly told the French First Lady. The living in the White House is hell. Every First Lady has been involved in her husband's administration. She is the person who has his interest at heart. And not just staff according to the book during a fiftieth birthday -- the First Lady thanked the president for putting up without hard she'd been on him. The white house calls this book and over dramatization of old news.

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{"id":15313373,"title":"Private Portrait ","duration":"1:29","description":"Behind the Scenes book reveals the first lady taking charge.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-michelle-first-lady-portrait-book-politics-us-15313373","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}