Obama, Netanyahu Tense Over Iran

U.S. president, Israeli prime minister don't see eye to eye on diplomacy.
2:20 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Obama, Netanyahu Tense Over Iran
The man already in the White House and the high stakes meeting he had today President Obama one on one with the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. The talk about the growing nuclear threat from Iran probably their last chance to speak face to face. Before a decision is made in Israel on whether to attack Iraq. ABC's Jake Tapper at the White House tonight. The image was of unity but the disagreements were hiding in plain sight we do believe that there is still a window. That allows for a diplomatic resolution to this issue prime minister Netanyahu made no mention of diplomacy today quite the contrary. Speaking volumes about the urgency he feels in what he did not say Israel must reserve life. To defend its. The prime minister's most memorable line seemed to underscore that Israel will need its most powerful ally if it comes to a military confrontation. We are you. And you want us Richard Gilbert President Obama went far but not that far the United States always -- rolls back when it comes to Israel secure. Mr. Netanyahu had wanted the US to more directly threaten US military force against Iran if it attempts to make a nuclear weapon. But what Israel got a reiteration of the US position when I say all options -- the table I mean. Though both sides said today's meetings went well they talked for three and a half hours along with top aides and officials. Agreeing that Iran can not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. What might result. A nuclear arms race in one of the most unstable parts of the world. And attack on Israel and or terrorism. But what of the potential consequences of an Israeli attack a further spike in gas prices maybe even doubling the cost of a barrel of oil. And a military response from Iran. If the Iranians use the terror weapon in retaliation. They use -- against Israelis. -- against Jewish institutions. Throughout the world. If the United States gets involved then they use -- against Americans and American facilities. Senior administration officials -- -- President Obama is very concerned about what this would mean for US troops both in terms. A setting them into harm's way and also possible repercussions against US troops in Afghanistan which borders -- I am.

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{"id":15853702,"title":"Obama, Netanyahu Tense Over Iran","duration":"2:20","description":"U.S. president, Israeli prime minister don't see eye to eye on diplomacy.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-netanyahu-tense-iran-15853702","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}